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Harry Whitehouse
Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Endicia

On a typical day, you’ll see Harry sporting a Hawaiian t-shirt and flip flops. But don’t let his relaxed sense of style fool you. His attitude toward ecommerce shipping is anything but laidback. There is nothing Harry loves better than tinkering around to find the perfect software solution for his customers. And as a pioneer in the field of selling postage on the Internet, you can bet Harry delivers inspired advice for ecommerce shipping solutions.

Amine Khechfé
Co-founder and General Manager of Endicia

Amine is the ultimate people person, and he loves to be in the thick of things. His passion for customers and his frequent customer visits have inspired Endicia’s mantra to always look at things from the customer’s point of view. Under Amine’s leadership, Endicia has grown dramatically while staying ever true to its culture of strong innovation. And with more than 20 years of experience in the mailing and shipping industry, why wouldn’t you trust this guy to help you ship your products out the door?

Nancy Weiss
Marketing Services Manager of Endicia

As marketing services manager, Nancy eats, sleeps and breathes Endicia. Her 10 years of experience leading corporate and marketing communications for global companies has been invaluable in helping to shape and mold the Endicia brand. From overseeing product launches to spearheading branding and lead generation campaigns, Nancy plays an integral role in helping businesses come to know the Endicia story.

Loryll DeNamur
Associate Manager, Public Relations and Marketing Content at Endicia

With a passion for great stories, Loryll takes Endicia’s public relations and marketing content to the next level. She brings fresh ideas and more than a decade of writing and editing experience to Endicia’s table. And when she’s not at Endicia’s table, Loryll’s trying her hand at new culinary recipes for her own kitchen table.

Shea Felix
Senior Global Product Marketing Manager of Endicia

This isn’t Shea’s first run around the block. With years of implementing global business solutions under his belt, he brings distinct insights into the world of shipping – literally, the world. Engaging and decisive, Shea inspires and empowers the Endicia team to take their services global.

Marcin Bosacki

Marcin Bosacki
Global Strategy Director,

Marcin is the graduate from the Warsaw School of Economics. He has more than 11 years of experience in the field of e-commerce, distribution, market research and international business. In his free time he likes traveling and watching sports (mainly soccer and basketball). He is also interested in the foreign affairs and startups. Marcin follows the maxima "When you are doing what you love to do, you seem to have a continuous flow of excitement, energy and ideas to do what you do even better."

Jessica Foth
Former Senior Product Marketing Manager of Endicia

Jessica is one of the driving forces behind Endicia’s shipping market strategy. Thanks in part to the copious amounts of coffee she drinks every day, Jessica leads the charge in market analysis, program development and implementation, and demand generation.

Krystel Astudillo
Associate Manager, Digital Marketing at Endicia

Krystel is an Endicia veteran — tallying 11 years and counting. A leader who knows Endicia’s services backwards and forwards, she recently traded in her sales hat to bring her expertise to the marketing team. Krystel’s passion for digital marketing, coupled with her ability to connect people with the perfect Endicia solution, help her execute our excellent digital and social media programs.

Ramon Ray
Small Business Evangelist, Infusionsoft and Technology Evangelist,

He’s a bestselling author, event producer, journalist, technology geek and speaker. In short, he is simply passionate about helping small businesses thrive. Ramon actively pushes his readers and listeners past their comfort zones, leaving them with the tools and the mindset for taking their business to the next level.

Ben Ocken
Former Partner Marketing Manager of Endicia

As partner marketing manager for Endicia, Ben Ocken is responsible for the creation and implementation of the company's partner marketing program. He works directly with Endicia's 200-plus partners to drive brand awareness and educate them on Endicia's solutions. Ben graduated from Tulane University with a degree in Marketing and a minor in Latin American studies. He previously worked in the Stanford University Athletic Department.

Cathy Karaguez
Former Associate Product Marketing Manager of Endicia

Known as the “Mac solutions expert,” Cathy has been with Endicia for more than five years, focusing on providing customers with the best Mac shipping solutions for ecommerce businesses.

Richard Kao
Former Product Marketing Manager of Endicia

When it comes to USPS price changes, Richard is Endicia's resident "numbers guru." All those comparison charts on our site - that's Richard. The explanations of shipping or mailing changes to come - Richard again. He brings 10 years of experience to Endicia's marketing team and provides a keen sense of analysis to every project he tackles. Prior to Endicia, Richard used his marketing wits to help startups, mid-sized businesses and Fortune 500 companies grow.

Jeanney Kim
Former Product Marketing Manager of Endicia

With more than 10 years of marketing high-tech enterprises, Jeanney is no stranger to the technology behind Endicia shipping solutions. Her creativity and resourcefulness help execute some of Endicia’s biggest marketing programs and support sales efforts. In a nutshell, Jeanney’s the one that turns tech jargon into plain old English.

Lauren Vance
Former Associate Manager, Public Relations and Consumer Engagement at Endicia

With more than 10 years of experience in communications and event management under her belt, Lauren is the force behind Endicia’s day-to-day public relations success. Fun fact — when she’s not in the office, Lauren is also a wedding coordinator!

Lisa Li
Former Associate Manager, Digital Marketing and Ecommerce at Endicia

As the digital and social media marketing guru at Endicia, Lisa is absolutely fearless in pushing the boundaries on digital marketing efforts. Her passion for telling Endicia’s story in all forms of digital media is what gets her out of bed each morning.

Gene Marks
Columnist, Author and Founder of Marks Group PC

Gene writes on a daily basis for The Washington Post and weekly for Forbes, Inc. Magazine, Entrepreneur and The Huffington Post. He is determined to help business owners, executives and managers understand the political, economic and technological trends affecting their companies. Gene also owns and operates the Marks Group PC, a successful customer relationship management firm that provides technology and consulting services to small and medium-sized businesses. Just call him the SMB guru.

Rieva Lesonsky
CEO and Co-founder of GrowBiz Media

Rieva is a former contributor to the Savvy Shipper with 30+ years’ experience covering small business and entrepreneurship. You can pretty much call her a small business expert. Residing in sunny Southern California, Rieva is a nationally known speaker, the recipient of many small business awards, best-selling author and an advocate for and authority on entrepreneurship. She also co-founded her own company, GrowBiz Media.


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