Survival of the Fittest – How to Come out on Top in the Dog-eat-dog World of E-commerce

The e-commerce world can be a tough place to navigate, especially when you’re a small business. Now more than ever, small to mid-sized online retailers must figure out how to adapt and evolve in order to keep up with the bigger retail giants.

For instance, giant marketplaces like Amazon and eBay are setting the bar high with offers of same- and next-day delivery options and easy tracking. Customers have come to expect this level of service and instant gratification.

However, being small doesn’t necessarily mean getting left behind. Here are a few strategies to help your small e-commerce business stay nimble and ahead of the competition:

  • Automate your shipping

    Investing in a robust shipping software solution will be your saving grace in managing the shipment process end-to-end. In addition to alleviating the massive headache that comes with manual shipping, a great shipping tool will help you print shipping labels, track shipments, create return labels, give you insurance options and take care of anything else you’d need to give your shipments that professional polish.

  • Build out a well-defined return policy

    A solid return policy inspires confidence in your buyers and affirms your commitment to excellent customer service. Make sure your policy clearly spells out which items are non-returnable, the time limit for returns as well as any other restrictions. It also helps to be flexible and streamlined with your return policy. For example, you can proactively offer a return shipping label with every order sent out.

  • Expand internationally

    Don’t be afraid to sell to international markets. After all, overseas buyers are typically willing to pay more for U.S. products. And if the idea of international shipping is still a tad overwhelming, try starting out with English-speaking countries such as Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom before moving on to other markets.

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