2024 USPS Rate and Service Changes

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July 2024 Service Changes

Effective July 14th, the USPS is rolling out updates to its shipping rates, impacting various services and package categories. Here’s an overview of the modifications and how they might impact your shipping and mailing strategies.

Key Pricing Changes

  • Parcel Select prices will increase by an average of 25%.
  • First-Class Mail stamps are going up by 5 cents, from 68 cents to 73 cents. However, when using Endicia, you receive a discounted rate of $.69 cents.
  • Mailing service prices rising by approximately 7.8%.
  • No price changes for USPS Ground Advantage, Priority Mail, or Priority Mail Express.

Parcel Select

USPS has filed notice for Parcel Select price changes to take effect on July 14, 2024. These adjustments will introduce an average 25% increase for Parcel Select, a preferred shipping solution for high-volume shippers for regional delivery.

Mailing Services

The cost of sending a 1 oz. First Class Mail letter will increase from 68 cents to 73 cents. However, if you use Stamps.com, the Metered Mail rate for the same letter will only go up from 64 cents to 69 cents, saving you $0.04 compared to the retail rate. Most other mailing products will also experience a price hike of around 7.8%. Additionally, the cost of adding extra weight to single letters will rise from 24 cents to 28 cents. The Postal Service is also reviewing prices for special services like Certified Mail and money orders, but details on those adjustments haven’t been announced yet.

There is some good news, though: there will be no increase in rental fees for Post Office Boxes, and the cost of postal insurance will actually decrease by 10%.

Here’s an overview of the new prices for mailing services:

Mailing Service Prices

ProductCurrent PricesNew Prices
Letters (1 oz.)68 cents73 cents
Letters (metered 1 oz.)64 cents69 cents
Domestic Postcards53 cents56 cents
International Postcards$1.55$1.65
International Letter (1 oz.)$1.55$1.65
Effective July 14, 2024

Enhancing Your Efficiency

Despite these changes, Endicia continues to offer substantial savings on shipping costs, with discounts of up to 89% through its partnership with USPS and other carriers. We aim to streamline your shipping and mailing operations, providing discounted rates for a smooth sending process.

As the shipping landscape evolves, staying informed about rate changes and adjusting your strategy accordingly can contribute to a more efficient and cost-effective shipping experience. Keep these insights in mind as you navigate the 2024 USPS shipping rate adjustments. For more information please check out our help center article.

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