USPS Postage Price Change Postponed: What to Expect

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Update: The new date for the USPS postal price change has been confirmed for May 31, 2015. Check out our most recent USPS price change blog post for more information. 

Heads up, online sellers – the USPS postage price change (which was originally slated for April 26) has since been postponed. While the new date has yet to be announced, we thought we’d share with our readers what we do know – the changes you should be expecting in the upcoming USPS price change.

What WILL Change:

Shipping to Canada

One of the biggest changes happening this year is that USPS Priority Mail International shipping to Canada will switch to zone-based pricing (7 zones instead of the one blended overall rate for the entire country). This will help keep rates low for heavier-weight packages as it will be based on the actual origin and shipped to location.

Decrease in Postage Discounts

People who mail letters using a postage meter, or PC Postage software will now receive a discount of $.005 instead of $0.01 for First-Class Mail Letters (up to 3.5 ounces). Additionally, First-Class 1 oz. Mail Letters will now be priced at $0.485 versus $0.48 previously.

Free Tracking for All

With the latest price change, package tracking becomes free for all domestic mail classes except Standard Mail.

Signature Confirmation Rates

The USPS will require a signature at delivery for all shipments that have an insured value of over $500– an increase from the current threshold of $200 or more. Also, Signature Confirmation will be included at no additional fee.

What WON’T Change:

Domestic Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express

There’s good news for shippers – domestic Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express rates will stay the same. That means you can take advantage of the lower pricing implemented for Priority Mail in September 2014.

USPS also continues to be a great alternative to FedEx and UPS Ground for lighter weight packages.

Keep checking our blog for USPS price change updates and other information on USPS shipping.

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