How to Assemble the Ultimate College Care Package

brown paper package with note from mom and dad

Everything your college kid will need for the first year away from home


Nothing beats the feeling of checking your mailbox and seeing that someone has taken the time to put together a care package just for you. Parents (even if you’re already celebrating that the kids have finally left the nest), show your college students just how much you miss them this back-to-school season by sending them the ultimate college care packages filled with all the items they might need for every “college occasion.”

1. “Mom, I Forgot Something …”

You walk into your kid’s room shortly after he’s packed up and headed out for college, and you see that he’s left half of his belongings behind (naturally) …

To tide him over, send him the bare necessities in a college care package and throw in some all-natural soap, laundry detergent and some shower shoes for the dorm showers (those things are nasty!).

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2. The Break-Up

Your daughter and her high school sweetheart ended up at different colleges on opposite sides of the country. You knew the breakup was bound to happen sooner or later.

Cheer her up with a few break-up essentials including tissues, her favorite DVDs and, of course, lots and lots of chocolate.

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3. The Flu (aka The Hangover)

You call your kid every Sunday to check in and make sure he’s still alive after a crazy college weekend. This time, he sounds awfully sick — maybe it’s a fever, sore throat, allergies or probably just a hangover (you remember those days, right?).

Instead of giving him grief, toss some Advil, energy drinks, greasy food and a few natural supplements in a box and send it his way. Hopefully he’ll learn his lesson after the 10th hangover or so …

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4. Good Grades

The hangover has passed, so time to get back to class! Get your college student out of bed and motivate her with some snazzy notebooks and a super sleek backpack. She’ll be all set to hit the books!

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5. The Obnoxious Roommate

Your college student thought he could show up and instantly become best friends with his new roommate. News flash! That rarely happens. An easy way to make moving into a dorm room a little more bearable is to invest in some noise-canceling headphones, an eye mask and a padlock (just kidding).

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6. Homesickness

You were worried that she would forget about you as soon as you sent her off, but now she’s calling you four times a day, just because she misses you! Send her a handwritten note on your personal stationery along with a few reminders of home, such as a T-shirt from her favorite local band or your homemade chocolate chip cookies. She’s sure to feel better in no time.

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With care packages like these, you can put your mind at ease, knowing that your kid has everything he or she needs to make it a great first year. Now, all you need to do is ship it off!

And if you think you’re going to be sending care packages on a regular basis (some kids need a little extra love!), be sure to check out Endicia’s shipping solution. It’ll help you print USPS shipping labels quick and easily. Plus, you can take advantage of better shipping rates! So go on…spoil that college kid of yours. We give you full permission.

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