Back-to-School: Kids are Gone, Party On!

It’s finally happened. The kids have left the nest and are headed off to college. You’re still in that hazy state of shock and denial, but you’ve prepared them as much as you can for this next journey in life — you taught them how to ride a bike, how to do their laundry and how to prepare a nutritious meal.

So, now it’s time to stop worrying. Kick back, relax and let loose! Start focusing on you for a change. Here are six different ways our Endicia customers can help you unwind and de-stress while the kids are gone.

1. Pamper Yourself

First things first. The kids are gone, and you have no one else to take care of except yourself (and maybe the dog). So, indulge in all those luxurious and relaxing things you put on the back burner for the last 18 years. Treat yourself to an at-home spa day! Goat Milk Stuff provides all-natural, handmade goat milk soaps and other pampering products, which would go perfectly with a nice bubble bath.

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2. Rock ’n Roll All Night

After the pampering is taken care of, it’s time to have a little fun … Remember that funky band you listened to back in college? Remember how your kids couldn’t stand the sound of it? Well, now they’re not here to stop you! Put on the old record and throw on that ratty rocker tee that’s been hiding in the back of your closet.

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Can’t remember where you put your old stuff? Not a problem, head over to The Giant Peach and to add on to your collection!

3. Go Big or Go Home

You’ve always wanted that motorcycle or speedboat, but that money went toward paying for the kids to go to private school and orthodontist appointments (braces are expensive!). Don’t hold back any longer. Performance Motorsports has got you covered.

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4. Pray They Don’t Get Into Too Much Trouble

You taught them all you know, and you want to make sure they make good choices — i.e., stay at home studying versus going to that hellish fraternity party. But you’re no longer there to tell them right from wrong. All you can really do is hope and pray for them … So, what better way than to kick back by the pool with a piña colada and a waterproof bible? And if you’re wondering where on earth you’d find a waterproof bible, try Bardin and Marsee Publishing! Yup, they really do exist.

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5. Discover a New Passion

With all this extra time on your hands, why not take up a hobby? Knitting, cooking, scrapbooking, bird watching? Making a scrapbook of all the memories you share with your kids is a great way to keep them in your thoughts. Check out Frantic Stamper Inc. for stationary, markers and ribbons galore – it truly is scrapbooking heaven!

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6. Pack Your Suitcase

If scrapbooking isn’t exactly your cup of tea and you are looking forward to something a little more exciting, then book that last minute trip to Hawaii! And don’t forget to pack up the bathing suits, sunglasses and some Aloe Vera. (After all, it’s all fun and games until someone gets a sunburn).

Young boy with a sunburn says “Let’s go to the beach, It will be fun they said”
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7. Send a College Care Package

So it’s been a week and all you can think about is little Johnny off at college. You’ve thoroughly entertained yourself, but something is still missing. Calm yourself down and channel your emotions into doing something practical. Send your kids all their favorite things in a care package, and they’re bound to feel right at home. And don’t forget to use shipping solution Endicia to make sure you’ve got all your bases covered for the next four years while your kids are away. Because, let’s be honest, there won’t be just one care package.

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