Why Your Website Needs A Brand Identity

A website isn’t just a jumble of images and content, it’s an extension of your brand. Customers want to buy from companies they identify with and the best way to build that relationship is with a strong brand. Here’s a few ways to build a website that connects with consumers.

1. Developing A Strong Logo

A core component of your website’s brand identity will be your logo. Your logo should be simple, easily recognizable, and clearly associated with your company. Logos tend to fall into several categories: a stylized version of your company’s initials, a standalone image, or a combination of the two. The logo should be prominently displayed on the landing page and throughout the site’s menus. The color palette used for your logo should also be reflected in your website’s font or background colors. That theme should also extend to packaging, printed shipping labels, or any other shipping materials if your customers need to print postage online.

2. Optimizing Content To Showcase You Product

Any images you use on your website need to be an extension of your brand. Images should have a consistent style or color scheme and really showcase your products. You might use images of customers interacting with your products or content focusing on the company’s core values. Using stock images is a mistake and makes your website appear generic and bland. The same goes for written content. Each article should have the same objective-showcasing your brand and developing a connection with customers.

3. Clear Calls To Action

Calls to action can get lost in the clutter on a webpage. Make sure yours are easy to find. Viewers should be naturally drawn to the call to action, either because it is prominently displayed or because it’s included in content highlighting your products. You might include a purchase link at the bottom of a video or use branded content with links to specific products. Other calls to action might include signing up for a promotion or retweeting articles. Regardless of the goal, those call to action buttons should be consistent with your website’s color scheme.

Brand identity relies on consistency. Are you using the same color scheme for every page? Are you using the same tone for your written content? If so, you’re already thinking about your brand. That brand builds the foundation for lasting relationships that can take your business to the next level.

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