What Online Businesses Should Know about Twitter’s “Buy” Button and New Page Features

Hand holding Twitter icon – Twitter’s buy button and product and collection pages

The news that Twitter is testing a “buy” button has social media marketers and online businesses on high alert — selling a product directly on Twitter could easily covert many potential customers into buyers.

What’s more, Twitter is testing product and collection pages, which will bring a visual element to the social platform, similar to what you see on Instagram and Pinterest. These new features would provide brands with the ability to connect with Twitter users and interact with the site in ways like never before.

Here’s a deeper look at the tools Twitter is testing:

The “Buy” Button

The Twitter “buy” button appears to be positioning the social media giant to compete with the likes of Amazon. By adding buying capabilities to its site, Twitter can leverage its large built-in audience for the benefit of advertisers, who will be able to post pictures of products, along with an invitation to buy with just one click.

Twitter’s buy button – online business ecommerce tips (Source: Beta News)

The product, still under development, would work by placing a “buy” button on an item that appears in a user’s newsfeed. When a user clicks the button, he’s taken to a page where he’s provided more information about the product, as well as an invitation to enter billing and shipping information, then buy. The purchase information is then sent to the business for processing. “Buy” buttons have the potential to make it easy to buy and sell on social platforms without a hitch.

Product and Collection Pages

Product pages take buying to a new level, with entire pages dedicated to shopping for specific items. These pages would allow for online retailers to group certain products on one page, with customers scrolling through the offerings. The new pages will include related tweets about products, as well as “buy” buttons, when available.

Twitter product pages - online business ecommerce tips(Source: Twitter)

Collection pages are closer to Pinterest’s layout, since items are curated by members. The service is designed for celebrities and brands to show off items they like and share them with their followers. These pages will be separate from a user’s newsfeed, but still accessible from the user’s profiles.

Twitter collection pages - online business ecommerce tips(Source: Forbes)

What Online Businesses Should Watch For

Twitter’s move into ecommerce is just an example of the many ways social and retail are merging. Facebook is testing a “buy” button and Instagram and Pinterest already have them. As the race begins for a successful social selling model, online businesses should watch closely to decide where to place their own marketing dollars.

While Instagram and Pinterest are both ideal for displaying and selling products, Facebook and Twitter’s large user bases may make those sites more appealing to brands. By now, many businesses have begun to understand their own social media demographic, and hopefully they’ll be able to put this knowledge to use to make “buy” buttons work for them.

“Buy” buttons will soon be available across all major social media sites. While we wait, it’s a good idea for online businesses to begin considering if these new tools are a good fit for them. Having a plan already in place will give you a head start over competitors once Twitter and Facebook put it into action.

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