Transitioning from DYMO Stamps to NetStamps FAQ

December 2020 Update:  The DYMO Stamps exchange program will end on December 31, 2020.  If you plan to exchange DYMO Stamps 30915 label rolls for NetStamps rolls, you must send the labels via a tracked shipping service no later than December 31, 2020.

Starting July 2019 Endicia is transitioning all plans that use DYMO Stamps rolls and sheets to NetStamps rolls and sheets. After this transition, all Endicia customers will only be able to print postage using NetStamps. To help customers using DYMO Stamps better understand the upcoming changes, we’ve compiled this list of frequently asked questions:

I use a Free DYMO Stamps-only plan, will my plan be transitioned?

Yes. Your plan will be transitioned to a free NetStamps-only plan. When the option to transition is available for your plan an in-app message will appear in your software.

I don’t use DYMO Stamps, is anything changing for me?

No. For Endicia customers who do not use DYMO Stamps nothing is changing.

Can I use a DYMO Printer to print NetStamps?

 Yes. If you already own a DYMO Printer, you will not need to purchase another printer—DYMO Printers are fully compatible with NetStamps rolls.

Do NetStamps require a special printer?

No special printer is necessary to print NetStamps. NetStamps sheets are compatible with any standard printer.

With my free NetStamps-only plan can I print shipping labels?

The free NetStamps-only plan is a stamps-only plan. To print shipping labels, you must upgrade to a paid Endicia plan.

What do I do with my DYMO rolls and sheets?  

For a limited time, you may mail-in any new, unused, DYMO Stamps 30915 label rolls still in the original box, and we will exchange them for NetStamps rolls. The deadline to send in rolls for the exchange program is December 31, 2020. Learn more about the exclusive DYMO Stamps 30915 label roll exchange program.

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