20 Online Business Experts to Follow on Twitter

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Thanks to the Internet, finding information about anything is as easy as a few keystrokes and a click. But the Internet is also a bit like the Wild West, and there is no way to ensure that the facts you are finding are valid. That is, of course, unless you know that the source has a solid reputation and is regarded as an expert in the topic.

This is especially true when it comes to finding solid online business growth insight. With so many so-called experts, gurus and masters floating about, it is hard to figure out who’s got the advice you should follow.

To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of 20 online business experts whom you can rely on for great advice and you should start following on Twitter today!

20 Ecommerce Experts to Follow on Twitter

Richard Lazazzera, Shopify (@richardabls)

Richard Lazazzera - ecommerce expert

Jay Baer, Convince and Convert (@jaybaer)

Jay Baer - ecommerce expert

Linda Bustos, Get Elastic (@getelastic)

Linda Bustos - ecommerce expert

Austin Brawner, Ecommerce Influence (@a_brawn)

Austin Brawner - ecommerce expert

Chad Vanags, Ecommerce Influence (@chadvanags)

Chad Vanags - ecommerce expert

Glori Blatt, Salsify (@gloriousbe)

Glori Blatt - ecommerce expert

Andrew Youderian, eCommerceFuel (@youderian)

Andrew Youderian - ecommerce expert

Billy Murphy, foreverjobless.com (@BillyMurph)

Billy Murphy - ecommerce expert

Steve Chou, mywifequitherjob.com (@mywifequit)

Steve Chou - ecommerce expert

Armando Roggio, Pracitcal Ecommerce (@EcommerceBoy)

Armando Roggio - ecommerce expert

Kunle Campbell, 2x Media (@kunletcampbell)

Kunle Campbell - ecommerce expert

Roger Dooley, Neuromarketing (@rogerdooley)

Roger Dooley - ecommerce expert

James Gurd, Digital Juggler (@JamesGurd)

James Gurd - ecommerce expert

Mark Hayes, Shopify (@allsop8184)

Mark Hayes - ecommerce expert

John Lawson, ColderIce (@Colderice)

John Lawson - ecommerce expert

Ryan BeMiller, Shopping Signals (@shopsignals)

Ryan BeMiller - ecommerce expert

Tim Peter, Tim Peter (@tcpeter)

Tim Peter - ecommerce expert

Tracy Wallace, Bigcommerce (@tracewall)

Tracy Wallace - ecommerce expert

Ezra Firestone, SmartMarketer.com (@ezrafirestone)

Ezra Firestone - ecommerce expert

Drew Sanocki, Drew Sanocki  (@drewsanocki)

Drew Sanocki - ecommerce expert

By following these Twitter influencers, you’ll have access to unlimited ecommerce insight that will keep you ahead of the curve and feed your online business growth strategies.

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