The Beginner’s Guide to SMS Marketing [Infographic]

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By guest author Sophorn Chhay, inbound marketing specialist at Trumpia

In today’s fast-paced world, running a marketing campaign can be complicated. The thought process takes a lot of time and some trial and error. However, many companies have incorporated text message or short message service (SMS) marketing into their marketing strategies and found some great results! With millions of consumers on their mobile devices throughout the day, contacting them through text messaging is super easy. It’s even better than email. How often do you check your emails?

Guess what—people check their phones 150 times per day to see who texts them. They even take their phones to the restroom.

You can make it even more powerful by combining an automated SMS software that allows your customers to respond back in real-time which makes the campaign even more interactive.

Not only does it communicate to consumers better, but it also benefits the business in other ways. It’s budget-friendly and easy to use. Sending a text message through a platform is reasonably cheap and also has other features you could take advantage of such as voice broadcast, appointment reminders, voting channel and so much more.

Consider these stats on SMS:

  • 97 percent of text messages are opened, with email coming in at only 20 percent on average
  • 23 billion text messages are sent per day
  • 80 percent of people are now using text messaging for business in some form or fashion
  • 70 percent of consumers appreciate getting text messages from their healthcare providers
  • 75 percent of people would prefer to have offers sent to them via text
  • 70 percent of employees think that companies should use texting for internal communication
  • The average millennial sends 67 text messages per day
  • A third of business professionals can’t wait 10 minutes to respond to a text

Check out the infographic below for some tips and tricks to help with your campaign. You might also want to take a look at this helpful post to learn ways to boost your online sales with text messaging.

About the author:

Sophorn ChhaySophorn Chhay is an inbound marketer specializing in attracting targeted visitors and generating sales from qualified leads. Through Trumpia’s SMS marketing and cross-channel automation solution, he helps businesses and organizations communicate effectively with their customers and members. Watch Trumpia’s 5-Minute Demo on how to execute an effective mobile marketing strategy.

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