The 3 Most Important Digital Marketing Methods for E-Commerce Startups

If you sell physical goods online, a little bit of digital marketing can go a long way. Here’s the kicker: e-commerce startup retailers who use digital marketing are more likely to generate revenue, boost leads, and move prospects through their sales funnels. Not all digital marketing methods have the same impact, though. Here are the three you need to know about in 2019.

1. Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of increasing your rankings on search engines like Google. Research shows 93 percent of all online experiences begin with a search engine.
So how do you do SEO properly? Use keywords or phrases — 50 percent of search queries are four words or longer — that target your audience and incorporate these into your store pages. Search engine bots will scan your pages and rank you for these keywords.
But there’s much more to SEO than that. Having the correct contact information on your pages — your business name, address, and telephone number, for example — and posting relevant content for your customers will also boost your search rankings. Seventy-two percent of online marketers say that content creation is their most effective SEO tactic. So get blogging!

2. Video Marketing

Video has the power to drive sales more than any other digital marketing method. This is because 55 percent of internet users watch videos every single day. Creating a video marketing strategy could provide you with a massive return on your investment. By 2020, videos will account for more than 80 percent of all consumer traffic on the internet.
If you sell physical goods, create video content that showcases your products, and post your vids on your store pages and blog. You might want to film tutorials or how-to guides — consumers love these.

3. Email Automation

Nothing comes close to the power of email. Communicating with existing and prospective customers through email can boost sales and generate revenue.
As an e-commerce startup, concentrate on building a mailing list. Once you have created your list, send out clicky-worthy communications to your customers with email automation software. News about new products, discounts, and industry developments will go down well.
With email automation, clever software does all the hard work for you, and you will be able to track your emails and find out which ones are the most effective. Research shows that automated emails get 119 percent higher click rates than regular broadcast emails.
As a startup, you have hundreds of tasks to complete, but concentrating on digital marketing could prove lucrative. Use SEO, video marketing, and email automation to engage with your customers and send sales into the stratosphere.

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