Ditching the Minor League Mentality: Getting Your SMB Shipping into the Big Leagues

Amine Khechfe Gives USA Today Columnist Steve Strauss A Crash Course in Shipping

Need a little help getting your small online business off the ground? Our resident SMB advisor (aka Endicia co-founder Amine Khechfe) gets cozy with small business mogul and USA Today columnist Steve Strauss in this week’s podcast on The Self Employed.

Catch Amine spill the beans on the “best kept secret” for entrepreneurs, his decade-long courtship of the USPS, and the common mistakes many newcomers make.

Hear Amine’s thoughts and tips on online shipping:

  • Tunnel Vision in Online Shipping:

    The importance of selecting the proper carrier(s) for your product

  • Shipping Speed vs. Free Shipping:

    What’s more important to the consumer in 2014?

  • International Intrigue:

    How you can get your business into the global marketplace

  • Work Smarter, Not Harder:

    Letting technology do the heavy lifting

Check out the full podcast here: http://ow.ly/tE4P1

For more insight, check out our ecommerce tips and trends page

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