Returns Shipping Just Got a Whole Lot Easier for Medical and Dental Businesses

Online Retailers Aren’t the Only Businesses in Need of Flexible Returns


When you think of return shipping, the first few things that probably pop into your head are images of ill-fitting clothing, gaudy accessories and defective electronics. But are these really the only types of items being returned? And does the word “returns” always have to leave a bad taste in your mouth?

It doesn’t. In fact, return shipping can be a business lifesaver, saving you both time and money.

Believe it or not, when it comes to shipping returns, the medical and dental industry holds an impressive slice of the pie.

Think about it — every time a patient goes into a dentist’s office to get a dental impression made (retainer, mouth guard, crowns/bridges and pretty much any other dental procedure that secretly makes us shudder), the office needs to send that mold off to a lab to get fitted and finalized. On average, that’s about 384 dental impressions per practice, per year. Eventually, the final product will be shipped back to the dentist’s office, where the patient can pick it up. On the medical front, lab work is constantly being shipped to and from medical offices, which makes the prospect of an easy returns process quite attractive.

With so much time spent on back-and-forth shipping, many of these medical or dental practices choose Endicia’s hassle-free Pay-on-Use Returns.

Let’s take a look at how Pay-on-Use Returns may benefit your medical or dental business:


With Pay-on-Use Returns, there is no such thing as “use it or lose it.” Postage is only deducted if and when a return label is scanned into the mail stream. Since there is no pre-payment required on return shipping labels, you can send off those dental impressions without having to worry about requesting refunds for unused return shipping labels or absorbing the cost of including a pre-paid USPS return label in your shipments.


Inevitably, there will be delays in processing some returns requests. After all, like any business, labs can also get backed up. However, Endicia Pay-on-Use Return labels don’t include a shipping date, the label can be used whenever the shipment is ready, as long as it is shipped within 12 months from the date of print.


With Endicia Pay-on-Use Returns, you can control costs and delivery times. By leveraging the tracking capabilities and low cost of the U.S. Postal Service, you can ensure your return packages get delivered at the speed you want them.

At the end of the day, the flexibility and cost-saving benefits of Pay-on-Use Returns leave the medical and dental industry all smiles.

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