Reflecting on the Holiday Shipping Season

So, the 2010 shipping season is winding down and do you feel you did it right?  Would you do it differently next year?  Was it total chaos or simply organize chaos?  What else could you do to make your life easier?  Well, we have some recommendations and hopefully you know all this already and if not then we’re glad to help.  Remember to stock up on all the supplies you need to ship your products. If you ran out this year, try and make a list for next year.  Did you have your shipping area laid out comfortably so items were within reach but not too crowded?  Could you have been more efficient if you moved your shipping station or supplies bench?  We joke at DYMO Endicia that preparing for the shipping season starts in January.  Make any adjustments while they are fresh in your mind.

Of course, nothing would be complete without the right shipping software and hopefully you used DYMO Endicia and the USPS where appropriate.  Did you take advantage of shipping internationally and all the automated/integrated customs forms?  If you are using us standalone and are growing, have you looked into integrating DYMO Endicia with your database to reduce a few clicks?  Have you turned on high speed printing to reduce a couple of seconds here and there?  DYMO Endicia is the most feature rich application in the industry but we do know that not all our customers take advantage of all the options so we keep trying to communicate them.  Feel free to review the features on the web site or email or call our team and hopefully pick up a trick or tip or additional option that can make your life easier.

Lastly, remember that its all about your customers.  We all spend a lot of time trying to reach new customers but we cannot forget about our existing customers and providing an excellent customer experience from the time they purchase, to receiving the product to staying in touch with them afterwards and reminding them gently to come back.  For example, I purchased a nice gift for my wife last month and the retailer followed up with a very nice hand written note mailed to the house.  It would have been much better if the envelope had a DYMO Endicia postage mark on it but hey they can’t be perfect.  I will remember this retailer next time I shop.  It differentiated them from others.  Also, remember to follow-up and send them a discount or promotion to come back.  Ask them about their experience and try and learn from them to improve and prepare for next year.  Come next fall, remind them again that you valued the business they gave you last year and looking forward to serving them again.  Happy holidays to all of you and best wishes for a great 2011!

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