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By Courtney Shankman, Endicia intern

Traditionally, shopping has been a hands-on experience, but with the rise of e-commerce customers can’t see or handle your product as they can when shopping at a brick and mortar store. So, your product content is your best chance to create a similar experience for shoppers.

Lackluster or incorrect product descriptions and imagery can have a large negative impact on digital sales. In a recent Shotfarm survey, 87 percent of consumers said they would be unlikely or very unlikely to make a repeat purchase with a retailer that provided inaccurate product information, and 40 percent of consumers said they’ve returned an online purchase in the past year specifically because of poor product content. In order to avoid these outcomes it is essential that your product content is comprehensive, as customers say this is what they are looking for most when making buying decisions. Here are a few ways you can give online customers rich information that allows them to imagine using your product.

 Product Description Pointers

In order for customers to feel comfortable purchasing your product they need to be given all the necessary information about your product. If you’re selling clothing, for example, this includes but is not limited to color, fabric, cleaning method and sizing guidelines. Providing this information is the bare minimum, though. When writing a product description, focus on your ideal buyer and consider how you would sell your product face-to-face to a customer at a retail store. Customers always want to know how your product benefits them, and the product description is your chance to tell them. In this it is best to avoid generic phrases such as “high quality,” instead providing a comprehensive list of features and the benefits unique to your product.

Picture Perfect

Photos are also vital to top-notch product content. Shooting your own high-quality, clean and simple photos that showcase the product are your best bet—75 percent of consumers in a recent Salsify study said they’d rather see images of products against a plain background or in use rather than photos from customers who have bought the product. Quantity is also important—66 percent of respondents in the same study said they require at least three product images. Show customers what your product looks like from every angle.

User-generated Content

It’s worth noting that millennials were 72 percent more likely to buy based on photos from others who have used the product, according to the Salsify study. If you’re targeting millennials, include social and other user-created content with your product descriptions. And no matter your target demographic, you may want to consider incorporating customer reviews into your product-content plan, as 82 percent of consumers said they want to see at least three reviews when considering an online purchase.

About the Author:

Courtney ShankmanCourtney Shankman is a student at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. She is pursuing a degree in business with a concentration in marketing. When she’s not studying, Courtney enjoys hiking and traveling.

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