4 Spring Holidays to Celebrate with an Online Store Promotion

Budding tree branches and spring holiday promo tips

Each year, spring brings an upsurge in sales for many retailers, a welcome change from the post-Christmas slump. As consumers prepare for spring and summer events and spend their tax refunds, retailers have a prime opportunity to increase sales. With themed promotions, businesses can win shoppers away from competitors, possibly even turning them into loyal customers. Here are a few holidays that perfectly fit with the spring buying season.

St. Patrick’s Day

This Irish holiday is a natural fit for some businesses, including Irish restaurants and party retailers. However, every business can find a way to attach St. Patrick’s Day themes to their mid-March promotions. Clothing retailers can feature green shirts and jewelry with signage reminding people if they don’t wear green, they might be pinched on March 17. Any type of business can apply the terminology “Luck of the Irish” to its promotion.


As Easter Sunday approaches (it’s March 27 this year), shoppers flock to local clothing retailers to shop for spring fashions for the holiday. A sale can be a great way to lure new customers in and show appreciation for current customers. One of the best ways to win business on Easter weekend is by appealing to the many families who are looking for a fun way to celebrate with their kids. Hosting an Easter egg hunt or inviting kids in for an egg-decorating contest could help establish your store as a valuable part of the community. Primarily, though, most stores use the holiday as a celebration of spring, showcasing the latest spring products and decorating their stores in bright colors.

Earth Day

Each year, April 22 brings the perfect opportunity for retailers to emphasize their commitment to sustainability in everything they do. Businesses can shoot videos of the many things they do to protect the environment. Since supporters often look for events in the community on Earth Day, retailers can take the chance to win new customers by hosting a themed party or fundraiser. If there are events already going on in the community, sponsoring a booth could be a great way to introduce products to local residents while also supporting a good cause. For online retailers, a free shipping promotion can be a great way to entice environmentalists to try out their sustainable products.

Mother’s Day

Stores see another increase in business in the days leading up to Mother’s Day (May 8 this year), as consumers rush to buy gifts. In addition to sales on that “perfect gift for the women in your life,” businesses can also take advantage of the day itself by hosting special family events. These great online marketing ideas can be an ideal way for stores to increase social media reach surrounding the pre-summer holiday. The more a business embraces the importance of family during the first week of May, the more likely that business will be to get the attention of consumers.

As the weather warms up, business usually picks up for retailers of all types. By taking advantage of multiple spring holidays, businesses can attract shoppers and boost sales. Many of these holidays focus on the theme of family and celebration, which gives stores a wide range of themed promotions that they can use.

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