DYMO Endicia Rallies Letter Carriers at the National Association of Letter Carriers 68th Biennial Convention

In the June 2012 issue of The Postal Record, Harry Whitehouse, chief development officer and co-founder of Endicia®, spoke about the significant opportunity that the USPS® has to capture more package delivery business. Following this successful article, the National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC) invited Harry to speak at the 68th Biennial Convention of the NALC in Minneapolis, Minnesota, July 23-27.

The overwhelming message of the convention was: HOPE. While the news surrounding the USPS has been significantly negative over the course of the past year, Harry and USPS executives see a light at the end of the tunnel. To get through these trying times however they are calling on all their employees, primarily their front line – the letter carriers – to begin to fight the battle.

Harry began his speech discussing the growth of ecommerce which has led to the increase in package deliveries. With the numerous improvements USPS has made to its products and services, USPS is uniquely positioned to compete in the package delivery space. Over the past few years, USPS has built up its capabilities to match or exceed those of private carriers. USPS now provides world class tracking, flexible pricing options, affordable international shipping options, an unmatched postal network, and innovative products and superior technology with the help of partners like DYMO Endicia.

The key to reach this untapped market is USPS’ secret weapon – the letter carriers. The letter carriers deliver packages to every address in the United States six days a week. Many of the letter carriers have been servicing these customers for years and often times the customers know them by name. This gives USPS a significant advantage over the private carriers. The letter carriers just have to begin to sell the postal service as a delivery option for packages.

This is an exciting time for the USPS. Since the beginning of our relationship with USPS, we have been developing new solutions to help improve the efficiency of the USPS. And now more than ever, Endicia is committed to developing innovative new products to help the USPS be a strong player against the private carriers. We are confident that if we can help the USPS win, our customers will win – with top flight delivery service at very competitive prices and DYMO Endicia wins too!

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