Introducing Endicia’s New System Status Page

We are happy to announce the launch of our new System Status page at   This page was created to provide customers with real-time, 24/7 information and transparency into the operational status of the Endicia software, online platform and Label Server API.

If you ever experience an interruption in the Endicia service, be sure to check this System Status page first. As soon as a service issue arises, we’ll post information about the issue along with other relevant details.

Customers can see real-time visibility on the Endicia network including:

  • System status: Confirm service availability for the Endicia website, software and API services
  • Outages and incidents: Get detailed information and communication on any Endicia service outage
  • Maintenance: Find updates about Endicia server maintenance and upgrades.

You can also subscribe to receive System Status updates via email, SMS text or an Atom/RSS feed.

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