How Super Bright LEDs Brightened Up Its International Shipping Strategy Motorcycle with LED lights- online business success story

We are shining this week’s online business spotlight on a company that is used to being illuminated, Super Bright LEDs. This Endicia customer is one of the leading retailers of LED lights and accessories.

We recently sat down with Super Bright LEDs‘ fulfillment manager Matt Wilson to chat about his tips for international shipping.

Endicia: Super Bright LEDs had a humble beginning, but has since expanded significantly. What attributed to this success?

Matt: You are right about the small start. It all began in 2002 in Greg and Carol Henderson’s basement of their home in St. Louis. The couple started selling component LEDs online that were quickly in demand for people who wanted to add lighted accessories to their cars. This, combined with the green energy movement, was the push that got the duo out of their basement and hiring people like me. Today, Super Bright LEDs has expanded into a 100,000 square-foot warehouse with 84 employees.

Endicia: What has been Super Bright LEDs’ No. 1 priority or guiding principle?

Matt: Ever since the beginning of the company, our main goal has been to provide our customers with the best service possible. This could mean offering up our technical expertise to help customers find the right LED product for their needs or using the right shipping service to get our products successfully to every customer. We like to make sure that each customer has the best experience from beginning to end.

Endicia: Since the business’ expansion, what kind of hurdles has Super Bright LEDs had to face?

Matt: One of the biggest headaches for our team has been providing a returns solution for our international customers, specifically for packages returning from Canada. Customer service is so important to us, but we weren’t able to give our Canadian customers the hassle-free return solution we wanted. I asked Endicia about a Canada returns solution so that we could get products back in the country in the easiest way possible. I knew that if we could figure out this problem, we could have the potential to grow our business.

Endicia: We heard you loud and clear, which is why we were thrilled to have an answer for you. How has the new Canada Returns service impacted your business?

Matt: I was very happy to hear from Endicia that we could extend our 30-day, no-hassle returns policy to our Canadian customers. Our customers are thrilled about using Endicia’s Canada Returns solution. They know that if the product ends up being different than what they were looking for, they can easily exchange or return it. What’s more, we can ship the product back to the U.S. without breaking the bank — so everyone wins.

Endicia: Speaking of returns, you have a very clear returns policy on your website. Do you recommend this for other businesses?

Matt: Yes, we changed our returns policy three months ago so that every customer, including international customers, can comfortably navigate our returns and exchange process. This new update has really eased the minds of our customers, knowing they’re not stuck with a product they don’t want. They can exchange the same way as anybody else can. It is an easy update that any small business can do to satisfy all of their customers’ worries about returns.

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