The Secret to Governing the Amazon Market: How to Become a Top Seller on Amazon

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We recently interviewed eBay Platinum Seller, Michael Dash, to uncover how he turned his online business into a multimillion dollar company by cultivating customer satisfaction. This week, we met with Bob Breedlove, Endicia customer and owner of Jett’s Toy Hutt, the go-to online store for collectible toys, to find out how he became an Amazon top seller.

Check out Bob’s story below for the inside scoop on how to take your ecommerce venture to the next level.

How long did it take you to become a successful Amazon seller?

Bob Breedlove: When I started selling on Amazon, I was doing it part-time for about two years. Once I decided to dedicate myself to Jett’s Toy Hutt full-time in 2009, I became a Top Holiday Seller the same year and have been ever since.

What are your trade secrets for becoming a successful online retailer on Amazon?

Bob Breedlove: It’s all about your shipping service. I make sure to ship my products on either the same or the next day with tracking on every order. I also try to expedite every order (via either First-Class Mail or Priority Mail). Additionally, I avoid Parcel Post with Amazon since they have strict delivery times. Dedication and determination are also key. I work six days a week minimum and a half-day on Sunday, but it’s not work if you love what you do!

How do you keep Amazon buyers happy?

Bob Breedlove: The customer is always right, no matter what! I accept returns, strive for 100 percent satisfaction on every order and I never take any negative feedback personally. My ultimate goal is to keep customers coming back. Jett’s Toy Hutt also uses custom shipping packages, which our collectible customers love.

Did you have any specific strategies you use to continuously boost profits on Amazon?

Bob Breedlove: We like to ship all our own items, even though Amazon can ship them for us. This way, we have control over what the customer will receive. Amazon has a great shipping practice, but by doing it ourselves, we know our shipments will be 100 percent perfect. Also, be sure to ship exactly what is described or pictured on your website.

How has being an Amazon seller helped your business succeed, grow and improve?

Bob Breedlove: Jett’s Toy Hutt is on Amazon, eBay and  Making sure you have a footprint in all areas will increase your brand, as well as your sales.

How has Endicia helped you with your shipping needs, specifically on Amazon?

Bob Breedlove: Even before the Amazon integration Endicia now offers, it has always been a time saver. Endicia is always at the ready for postage and shipping, which is a must for my business.

Any last bits of advice for ecommerce retailers out there?

Bob Breedlove: As I’ve said time and time again, the customer is always right. If there’s a mom in New York who orders a collectible for her son on December 22 and it doesn’t arrive in time for Christmas, make it right. This should be your first and last rule.

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