How to Go Green & Save Money with Your Online Shipping Strategy

It’s safe to say that most of us would not be opposed to helping our planet. Whether you do your part by recycling, or looking at fuel efficiency when buying a car, these contributions almost exclusively affect your personal environmental footprint. But have you considered the impact you could have by “going green” with your e-commerce business? You too can professionally care about planet Earth, and your shipping provider can be of assistance.

Exemplary Practice – USPS Shipping Services

Consider the green initiative of the U.S. Postal Service. Known for several years to be at the forefront of environmental consciousness, the USPS did not start out this way.

With aging technologies hurting its environmental impact, the carrier knew it needed to change the way it did business. By taking a more digital route, the Postal Service proceeded to immensely lessen its carbon footprint. Between 2008 and 2012, Postal Service facilities cut 8.4 trillion BTU’s from its energy usage.

By taking physical jobs, such as those found in printing factories, and moving the service online, the company was able to deliver convenience and energy savings simultaneously.

Doing Your Part

Digitization can offer the same environmental and service opportunities for your e-commerce business. By identifying ways to consolidate operations through interconnected platforms and solutions, your business can utilize scaling technologies that save both money and the environment as you grow.

Starting from Scratch

You can begin your quest for a greener e-commerce business by asking your team, “How can we go green in an easy, economically sound way?” Once again, it is helpful to look to what the Postal Service has accomplished. Since it has found ways to save itself money (less energy usage in facilities and less gas usage by its expansive and far-reaching fleet of trucks), it has passed those savings and those newer, easier methods along to its consumers and clients.

By offering cheaper, greener choices via its green alternatives website, the USPS has not only helped its clients and customers, but has also supported the planet. These rewards are in addition to your personal savings on order postage and gas by having a fully online label, package, and stamp ordering process as well as the ability to schedule free package pickups from your address.

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