How to Make the Most of Small Business Week

Did you know that there are more than 85,000 different small businesses and entrepreneurs that call San Francisco home? It goes without saying that San Francisco and the entire Bay Area are a hotbed of innovation and entrepreneurship.

To celebrate this entrepreneurial spirit and the contributions that small businesses bring to the business community, San Francisco is kicking off its Small Business Week next week (May 12-17, 2014)! Here are a few tips to help you make the most of what’s sure to be an action-packed week:

Mix and mingle

Small Business Week offers some prime networking time. Take advantage of the multiple events that your City is planning to meet some fellow small business owners and entrepreneurs. Who knows? Maybe you’ll meet a potential new partner at San Francisco’s Small Business Week Kickoff at Twitter headquarters. Or perhaps you’ll pick up an interesting tip or two while mingling and sampling a few tasty treats from San Francisco’s local restaurants, bars and food entrepreneurs at the Flavors of San Francisco event.

Educate yourself

San Francisco Small Business Week will be hosting several educational workshops, with topics ranging from “how to craft the perfect elevator pitch” to “growing your business with content marketing and an amazing website.” During these sessions, you’ll have the chance to pick the brains of small business community leaders who have a unique insight on what it takes to run a successful small business.

Spread the love

Show some appreciation for the other small businesses out there by dining out at a locally owned restaurant, grabbing your groceries from the farmer’s market or picking up a book from your local bookstore.

Endicia, your leading provider of e-commerce shipping technologies and services, will be joining this year’s Small Business Week festivities, and we’re planning to take you along for the ride! Stay tuned for our upcoming post, which will give you an inside look at San Francisco Small Business Week 2014.

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