Everything You Ever Needed to Know about E-commerce Shipping: Highlights form the National Postal Forum 2014

Accommodating the evolving needs of the 21st century consumer can prove challenging, especially if you haven’t identified what those needs are. Understandably, you’re busy enough meeting demand, protecting your bottom line and distinguishing yourself from the competition. Still, more can be done to ensure prosperity in a dynamic marketplace.

As proponents of e-commerce shipping, the 2014 National Postal Forum (NPF) afforded us the opportunity to shed some light on several elements we believe are critical to this pillar of e-commerce:

  • Be a Selective Shipper

Identifying the option best-suited for your product can be exponentially economical. USPS shipping services lay myriad options at your feet (i.e., Priority Mail, Flat Rate or Regional Rate) so you can make the soundest decision possible. By basing selections on the weight and final destination of your package, you can save several dollars per transaction. If you’d like to learn more about how to select the right USPS Flat Rate or Regional Rate Box for your product, be sure to check out this infographic!

  • Enhancements to COD, Certified and Registered Mail

We introduced attendees of NPF 2014 to the Intelligent Mail Parcel Barcode (IMpb). Using a simple, three-digit service code, this technology not only shortens the time needed to prepare COD, Certified and Registered Mail, but track it as well. We say simplify whenever possible.

  • Package Returns: How to Minimize Cost and Retain Consumers

Handling returns of your product is a necessary component of any e-commerce business. What may also be necessary is footing the bill for it. More and more online shoppers say free return shipping is a “must-have” feature. While it does cut into your bottom line, you can alleviate this necessary evil by leaning on the USPS to keep your costs to a minimum and highlighting the key elements to a good return policy.

  • Let the Tech Do the Leg Work

Your ideal shipping technology should anticipate the varied needs of your consumers, in addition to your own as your business expands. Selecting a shipping platform like the USPS not only affords you the luxury of working smarter, but provides an array of services to meet a diverse consumer base.

  • Same Day Delivery: Is it Right for You?

Your customers might say so, but the feasibility of getting a product into their hands the very same day may be too big a pill to swallow. There is much to learn about a service. “Big Box” stores already provide one, and the USPS has now given considerable attention in the form of a San Francisco pilot program called MetroPost. We presented our key takeaways from a service that could eventually put you on the fast track to competing among top-tier retailers.

For more insight, check out our ecommerce tips and trends page.

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