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In a 2010 survey of our shipping customers, we discovered that over 50% of you are concerned about their company’s carbon footprint. However, when asked subsequent questions about paying extra for using greener shipping options or allowing customers the option to pay extra for green options, the number of shippers answering ‘yes’ dropped sharply. In this economy, I don’t think that’s too surprising.

Most people these days are at least aware of the need to conserve the resources we have on this planet and, I think, most businesses would be interested in using the greenest methods possible. However, money and time are tight for everyone, so the idea of paying extra for those methods or spending the time to find an economical green solution for shipping isn’t likely to be popular.

This is where the USPS® can help because when you have one of the worlds largest truck fleets and manage almost half of the world’s mail volume, green initiatives aren’t just nice to have extras, they’re the difference between staying in business and going out. We all know what challenges the postal service is facing these days but I’d be surprised if most people knew about just how much they have done and are doing to control costs and utilize efficiencies to fight their budget shortfalls. In 2010 alone, the USPS saved 27 million dollars with initiatives to reduce waste, fuel and energy use and a commitment to recycle as much as possible.

So how does that help you, as an online store owner or fulfillment specialist? You get free packaging and some of the best prices available for shipping smaller lightweight goods all while being able to tell your customers that you use only Cradle to Cradle℠ certified packaging and utilize a shipping network that’s been repeatedly recognized for environmental leadership and innovation. It’s a win for you, a win for the Postal Service and a win for the planet that your customers will appreciate. Learn more about USPS green initiatives.

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