Google Confirms It Will Add “Buy” Buttons to Search Ads

Man holding iPhone searching on Google- representing new google ads “buy” buttons

This month, Google announced that it will be featuring “buy” buttons on its search ads, starting with mobile search results. The “buy” buttons, when clicked, will take consumers to a place where the item advertised can be purchased. This feature will likely increase conversions and make Google ads a much more attractive tool to online businesses in all industries.

Google isn’t the first tech company to work at implanting a “buy” button on its ads. Facebook and Twitter have both reportedly aspired to such a tool and Instagram recently announced the addition of “Shop Now,” “Install Now,” and “Sign Up” buttons to its ads. While there are no specifics on the timeline for Google’s proposed changes, the company is facing increasing pressure to remain competitive in the online advertising realm.

What “Buy” Buttons Mean for Google

Google’s ad revenue has suffered in recent years, due primarily to increased competition from social media platforms like Facebook. Brands have so many options for their advertising dollars, that no one provider is dominating the market. Because ad revenue is an important part of Google’s business model, the company understandably wants to do something about it.

By giving advertisers the opportunity to lure customers through “buy” buttons, Google could gain an edge over the competition, the biggest of all being Amazon. A large number of buy searches are conducted directly on Amazon rather than first searching the product on Google. To get that edge back when it comes to shoppers, Google wants to make sure customers have something of value when they choose to start a product search on the web rather than on Amazon.

What “Buy” Buttons Means for Online Businesses

For online businesses interested in advertising, a “buy” button in Google ads means customers can directly access the purchase page for an item, rather than having to drill down through menus and searches once they click over to the site. This increases the likelihood a customer will go from seeing an ad to purchasing, rather than putting it off.

This feature also means businesses can better reach customers on mobile devices. When a customer searches on a smartphone screen, they are less likely to click on an ad than if that same search had been conducted on a laptop or tablet.

As Google continues to try to beat the competition, online shoppers are benefiting from better online ads. If online businesses can learn to use the technology to its fullest, they’ll find they’re better able to connect with customers and turn clicks into sales, especially when those customers are on smartphones.

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