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Can you believe that shipping season is here again? Where did the year go? I feel like I say this every year – that time has flown faster and the year has become shorter. At this rate it will be shipping season every day! (Wouldn’t that be great for business…)

DYMO Endicia’s preparation for the shipping season begins the first week in January as we plan for the entire year. We also have to get an earlier start than most because we sell the supplies (printers, labels, scales) that businesses use for their shipping seasons. Near the end of the summer, we stock up on the items we sell and the shipping material we will need during these months.

Now is the time that you’ll need to leverage all the efficiencies you have incorporated this year. If you haven’t done so already, this is the time to scramble and implement some new strategies. In either case, I wanted to share with you how we prepare for the shipping season at DYMO Endicia, and what we recommend our shipping customers consider doing to get ready for what many consider their make-or-break time of year.

Speaking of efficiencies, I had originally planned to share my own thoughts but then realized that it might be a better idea to ask our own phone sales and support groups about what they have been talking about with our customers. Here are some of the ideas that we collectively have had:

  • Take advantage of the database integration available in Endicia Professional (if you haven’t already). With integration, you can pull customer information from your customer database right into your shipping label and post shipping information back. You’ll never have to cut and paste addresses or switch between programs just to find information again.
  • Use our email notification features. Both your customers and your business will benefit: your customers can check on the status of their order shipment, and your business will enjoy a lighter customer support load.
  • Also check out our Bulk Acceptance Scan Service that shows when each package was picked up for delivery with just the scan of one barcode. Your customers will have the assurance that their shipment has entered the mailstream.
  • Consider using DYMO Endicia Insurance to cover the value of your sale and provide added comfort for your buyers.
  • For those potential returns, you can configure our software to issue a return label for your customers so they can easily send a package back.
  • Print international postage (including shipments to APO and FPO addresses) on 4×6 labels – a new feature from DYMO Endicia. This will save you valuable time by eliminating the process of switching between printers to print paper forms and then cutting the paper forms to fit.

These are all great ideas – thank you to those who contributed. I urge you to consider some (or all!) of these as your business is gearing up for the shipping season. May you all have a very successful holiday season!

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