Four Easy Ways to Rev Up Your eBay Sales in 2020!

Are slow sales getting you down?  Well, don’t just sit there.  Take action!  The following four tips will get things moving in no time.

Send Out Offers!  

eBaysellers are now able to send offers to watchers. This is a relatively new feature.  I use it all the time, and it works like a charm!   (Tip: If you’re trying to move out the old to make room for the new, try writing “last chance” in the message box before pressing the send button.) 

But what if a buyer sends a ridiculously low counteroffer?  Thank the buyer and explain the costs associated with selling online.  In my experience, this leads to a sale about 90% of the time.  Most buyers get it.  You’re selling on eBay to make a profit.

Pay Attention to Item Specifics and Product Categories

eBay recently added new item specifics to some categories.  If your listings have been sitting a while, these new item specifics may not be filled out. End each listing that needs revising and “sell similar.”  Review each and every field to ensure that eBay has all the information it needs to help you sell your products!

In addition, make sure your items are listed in the correct categories. A few weeks ago, I noticed that some of my heels were accidentally listed as flats.  No wonder they weren’t moving!

Optimize Your Titles

As always, be sure to optimize your titles!  Even seasoned sellers make mistakes and forget to put basic keywords in the titles.  I recently ended a pair of very expensive men’s shoes.  I couldn’t believe they hadn’t sold!  As I was analyzing the listing, I noticed that I had forgotten to include the word “mens” in the titleAlways double check your titles when revising listings.  When creating a new title, do a completed listing search and study the titles of the listings that sold for the most money.  This will help you identify the keywords for which buyers are searching.

List Each and Every Day

Fresh inventory equals fresh sales.  If you ignore your account, it will ignore you.  List on a daily basis — even if you’re only listing a few items each day. If you only have time to list one day a week, schedule your listings so they start on different days and at different times of day.   eBay likes stores that are active.  Period. 

If you follow these tips, your phone should be “cha chinging” in no time, and you’ll love the way your bank account looks. I guarantee it!

About the Author

Miriam Otto is an eBay blogger and credentialed teacher with 13 years’ experience selling on the site.  She was a frequent guest on eBay Radio and has participated in eBay seller panels and projects.  Her blog, The eBay Life, is an all-in-one resource for eBay sellers.

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