We’ve Moved – But Not Far! Endicia Moves its Headquarters to Mountain View, CA

Map showing Endicia’s move from Palo Alto to downtown Mountain View.

Watch out, Mountain View … Endicia’s in town! That’s right. In case you haven’t heard, we’ve moved our offices from Palo Alto to the heart of Mountain View, CA. You can find our new headquarters at 278 Castro St.

There are a lot of fun things about our new space. For instance, we’ve inherited a few conference rooms that each embrace a unique theme. Check out the map-themed conference room below!

Endicia’s new office map-themed conference room- in Mountain View, CA

We’re also huge fans of this in-office escalator. It’s perfect for days when the coffee hasn’t quite kicked in yet, and you just need an easier way up the stairs. Hey, we all have those days!

Endicia’s new in-office escalator- in Mountain View, CA

It’s pretty safe to say that the kitchen is everyone’s favorite space to hang out in the new office. You might be thinking that our kitchen looks more like the one you have at home than a corporate pantry. And that’s because our office used to be an appliance store! So, it’s got all of the latest, state-of-the-art appliances and, most importantly, a fully-stocked fridge filled with everyone’s favorite snacks.

Endicia’s new office kitchen- in Mountain View, CA

And of course, we’ve already started adding some signature Endicia flair to the office. Just take a look at that bright orange paint we splashed onto the walls! It’s already starting to feel like home.

Endicia’s logo in new office in Mountain View, CA

We’re so excited for this fresh new start. Thanks for coming along with us for the ride!

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