Endicia Celebrates Customer Service Week with an 80’s Twist

It’s that time of year again when we roll out the red carpet for our amazing customer care team, who do so much every day to help others. All year long our customer care team spends their days helping our Endicia customers. This is the week that we take care of them — and this time we’re doing it ‘80s style! Our theme this year is “Totally Radical.”

This Year, Things Get Totally Rad

This year, we’re giving our customer care team an unforgettable week of thanks in totally rad 80s style. We know that customer care helps everyone, not just our customers. The success of Endicia is directly tied to their work helping the people who do business with us. Everyone at Endicia has cause to be thankful to our customer care team, and this week celebrates their contributions. We know our entire company’s success is joined to their successes.

Recognizing Customer Service’s Contribution

The importance of customer service isn’t just a sneaking suspicion we have around the office. According to a recent customer service survey by American Express, Americans reported that they’re happier than ever with their customer service experience. More than 81% of Americans surveyed said that businesses are “meeting or exceeding their expectations” for service. That’s a huge rise compared to just 67% of Americans who reported being happy with their customer service experience a few years back in 2014.

If you’re thinking to yourself, dude, that’s totally righteous!… you’re not the only one. These superb customer service contributions aren’t going unnoticed. Businesses are recognizing the dramatic effect a great care team can have on the bottom line. “Service is an increasingly important competitive advantage for companies, both large and small, that make doing business easy and put their customers’ needs first,” says Raymond Joabar, Executive Vice President of American Express’ servicing organization.

Pretty Gnarly, Right?

We couldn’t agree more. So, this customer service appreciation week take time to celebrate the contributions of our colleagues who do so much for us. They’re the best at what they do, and we couldn’t have the success we do at Endicia without them!

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