Conversion Rate Optimization 101

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Conversion rate optimization is when your site focuses on converting your visitors to take action. It’s nice to have millions of page views per month but unless you increase your earnings per visitor, you may quickly go out of business. To get started on your conversion rate optimization, here are tips to improve your sales earnings.

Color Psychology

Our rainbow of colors has the power to invoke emotions such as urgency, calmness and romance. When you understand the psychology behind colors you can choose the right ones to improve your conversion rate optimisation. According to Kissmetrics, 85 percent of consumers identify color as the primary reason for why they buy a product.

  • Red – This color will invoke urgency in your visitors and can be best used for last minute sales and discounts.
  • Orange – Use this color to encourage call-to-action behaviors.
  • Blue – This is a great color to instill trust and security and to encourage relationships.
  • Black – If your products are directed towards the wealthy, use this color as it implies expensive.

Copywrite Conversion Tips

When writing content for your site, include ‘power words’ to improve your conversation rate. Certain words will encourage your visitors to act, buy or donors to give.

  • Off – offer 25% off or $25.00 off will motivate customers to act and purchase your products.
  • Now – When you use ‘Act Now’ or ‘Subscribe Now’ it creates a sense of urgency.
  • New – Everyone gets excited about a ‘new’ product. Use this word in your email marketing plans.
  • Your – ‘Your’ and ‘You’ are great words to add a personalized touch to your content. It shows you are thinking of them.
  • Thank You – These words never lose their power!

Landing Page Tips

Landing pages are understandably quite important with increasing your conversion rate optimization. Different landing pages work differently for various demographics so be sure to experiment with different styles. When designing your landing pages remember the goal is to increase your lead quality.

  • Each page should encourage only one thing you want your visitors to do. Don’t confuse them.
  • If your content is a long page, use a Call-to-action at the bottom of the page as well as in the middle.
  • Add a free bonus for your buyers on the thank-you page. They will remember you!
  • Testimonials are critical to boost your conversion rates. Be sure to only include and enforce honest ones.
  • Don’t be afraid to add more hoops for your prospects. This will increase the quality of your leads.
  • Every page should have a call-to-action. Your visitors should have a purpose on every page.

Learning how to increase your conversion rate isn’t difficult. After implementing some of these tips, run some before and after analysis to see what works best for you.

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