We Want to Hear from You! How Important is It for Delivery People to Wear Work Uniforms? [Poll]

Delivery person wearing a work uniform carrying a package – consumer survey.

We recently conducted a consumer survey, asking more than 1,000 folks if it’s important to them that their delivery person wears a uniform.

Why? Because tech companies like Amazon and Uber are reportedly testing crowdsourcing delivery services where everyday people (likely in street clothes) would zoom around town dropping off packages at your door. So, does a preference for delivery people in uniforms or street clothes influence our shipping decisions?

A few survey questions and 1,000+ respondents later, we came up with a few results that we recently shared in an infographic here.

But now we’d like to hear from you. What do you, our readers, think about delivery people in uniform? We’ve set up a quick poll to gauge your thoughts:

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