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Is USPS Priority Mail® a part of your e-commerce shipping strategy? With delivery to most domestic locations in just one to three days, Priority Mail is often the most affordable shipping option and also includes free USPS Tracking®, free Package Pickup, free USPS shipping supplies and up to $50 of insurance with most shipments.

If your e-commerce business ships small, dense packages over short distances, then you could save even more on shipping by using Priority Mail Regional Rate.

Priority Mail Regional Rate postage pricing is based on box size and its destination. For instance, a shipment that’s going across town will cost significantly less than a shipment going across the country.

Priority Mail Regional Rate boxes come in four pre-defined sizes so shippers can select the size and shape that best suits their needs:

The boxes do have weight limits but are generous and tend to satisfy most shippers—both Box A options have a maximum weight of 15 pounds, while Box B options have a maximum weight of 20 pounds.

Here are current prices listed by box and Zone (click on image to enlarge):

2017 USPS Priotity Mail Regional Rate Box PricingIf you’re looking for a quick way to visualize USPS Zones based on your location, this USPS Dynamic Zone Map lets you generate a color-coded map based on whatever ZIP Code you enter.

Priority Mail Regional Rate comes without the surcharges private carriers attach for services like residential delivery and fuel. As previously mentioned, you get the most savings out of Priority Mail Regional Rate when shipping short distances. But just because the name indicates a more local service, there’s still a potential for savings no matter the Zone. Regional Rate Box A is the lowest cost option provided by the USPS in the 1-15 pound range for packages going to any Zone. Here you can see the cost savings per package when using Priority Mail Regional Rate Box A instead of UPS Ground (click on image to enlarge):

2017 USPS Priority Mail Regional Rate Savings So, if you ship items that weigh up to 20 pounds that can fit in one of the USPS Priority Mail Regional Rate boxes, now would be a great time to make the switch. It could end up saving you quite a bit of money on shipping during the upcoming holiday season and beyond.

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