5 Ways to Get More Traffic in 2019

Looking to increase your Google rank and get more traffic to your website? There are loads of archaic standards that far too many websites are still sticking to. If you really want to boost your Internet game, you’ll have to keep learning and adapt to new ways of generating clicks. Here are five surefire tips to help you grow your online traffic.

1. Generate Meaningful, High Quality Content

The best way to really drive traffic to your website is to give users what they’re looking for. Not just content, but great content. Simply filling in some texts with a bunch of keywords isn’t going to cut it anymore. Look at what your competitors are offering and see how you can go a step further in your content offerings. Your content needs to be up-to-date and informative. It should also be well written and easy to read. The idea is to create content your users can really engage with better than they can anywhere else so they keep coming back for more.

2. Invest in Influencer Marketing

Though quality content is an important part of generating more clicks on your website, it works in conjunction with other things. Consider turning to influencer marketing as a way to get your website in front of more eyes. Influencers who are well known and respected in your area of business already have the audience you want to reach. Though it comes at a cost, it can be an effective tool for reaching the specific users you are targeting. Ads need to be an integral part of your strategy to generate more clicks to your website and influencer ads can often be more effective for the spend.

3. Incorporate LSI Keywords into Your SEO Strategy

Just about everyone is aware that SEO practices are the go-to strategy for generating more clicks. The problem is that traditional SEO tactics alone are outdated and less effective today than they were a decade ago. Incorporating LSI keywords into your content can be a particularly helpful strategy for your website. LSI Keywords are keywords related to your topic. Supposed you are writing content about the housing market. Rather than sticking to words specifically related to housing, incorporate words related to the topic, like interest rates, mortgages, loans, or investments. There are plenty of free tools you can find online to help you. You can actually enter your keyword into these tools and they will generate a list of LSI Keywords you can and should include in your content.

4. Use Call to Action Text

In order to generate more clicks or increase your Click Through Rate (CTR), you have to give your audience a reason to do so. Using call to action text encourages users to actually do something. Think of phrases like “Start learning today,” or “Find out how to do XYZ,” or “Read this for more information.” This gentle way of nudging your users to actually engage and do something now can be a powerful tool in generating more clicks.

5. Encourage Customer Reviews

Including a platform within your website where customers can leave reviews is an important way to increase engagement with your customers and generate more clicks. As users engage with a brand, they become more invested in that brand. Plus, it can help build loyalty and trust among new or potential customers. Even negative reviews allow users to get a glimpse into your brand. The way you reply and interact with negative reviews is just as important as the reviews themselves. The idea here is to keep users on your site, and clicking through to more pages rather than losing interest and bouncing off.

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