5 Tips for Selling on eBay this Holiday Season

Looking to have a smooth experience selling on eBay this holiday season? These 5 eBay tips will help you put your best foot forward and stand out from the crowd this winter.

Know the Shipping Deadlines

Every year carriers, like the USPS, release holiday shipping deadlines. These dates represent the last day you will be able to ship your packages in order for them to arrive at their destination by Christmas. Be sure to familiarize yourself with these dates and message order deadline dates to your customers.

Add “Best Offer” to Listings

Adding “Best Offer” to store inventory listings, where applicable, is a great way to maximize sales. Listings with “Best Offer” allow your customers to offer to purchase an item below the listed asking price. Often a customer’s best offer will be well above the price they would have paid had you applied a deep discount to the listing price. “Best Offer” typically increases sales volume, though your revenue per sale will drop.

Add “Buy it Now” to Listings

Time is of the essence when holiday shopping, this is why many shoppers appreciate the “Buy it Now” option on your auctions. As the holidays grow closer, customers do not want to wait for an auction to complete to get an item by December 25th.  Be sure to research typical sales prices on each item, both in your store and across the web, to set an appropriate “Buy it Now” price.     

Review your Terms and Condition

Be sure to be clear and thorough in your terms and conditions. In addition to listing payments you accept, taxes, and applicable fees, you’ll also want to include details about your shipping process. You should include accurate and consistent details about your products and be clear about all terms and conditions of the sale. At a minimum, eBay recommends that you:

  • Charging reasonable shipping and handling costs
  • Specifying your handling time and return policy in your listing
  • Responding to buyers’ questions promptly
  • Being professional throughout the transaction
  • Making sure the item is delivered to the buyer as described in your listing
  • Frequently reviewing and updating listings to make sure all information – such as inventory status and item condition – is accurate and up to date

Consider Returns

Offering returns isn’t required to sell on eBay, but often customers feel at ease when they know they can return an item. If you accept returns you must clearly state the requirements in which you will accept a return. Typically these requirements will include the timeframe in which you must be notified, who pays for return shipping, and how you will issue a refund. If you do not accept returns, be sure that the International and Domestic returns checkboxes are not selected.

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