5 points to consider when creating an online holiday gift guide

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As the holiday season quickly approaches, consumers need more and more help in finding gifts for loved ones and acquaintances alike. In fact, according to the National Retail Federation survey, the main reason people wait until December to complete their holiday shopping is because they are still trying to figure out what to buy. This is where well-crafted gift guides can be extremely useful tools in helping these poor folks find just the right gift – on your website.

Here are 5 points to consider when creating your holiday gift guide.

1. Categorize gift ideas

Online “window shoppers” aren’t necessarily looking for specific products, they’re looking for inspiration. Creating gift guides that cover specific topics or target different groups makes it easy for them to find items for the people on their list.

Categorization ideas may include:

  • Price: many shoppers have a price range in mind when they start browsing. Having your gift guide organized by price makes it easier for them to find an item in their price range.
  • Interest: From yoga to vintage car parts, categorizing products by interest may help get a buyer’s creative gift-giving juices flowing by reminding them an activity or hobby of someone on their list.
  • Age range: not everyone may know what to buy a 3-year-old or a finicky teenager. Categorizing your gift guide by age can help buyers choose a gift that is appropriate for the recipient.

Here’s how Real Simple uses categories and interesting imagery to promote their gift ideas:

Real Simple holiday guide image

2. Make your gift guide mobile friendly

According to NRF.org, the majority of shoppers do their online searches via a mobile device. So, whether you create your gift guide as an email, a pdf or a page on your website, be sure that shoppers can easily view it on all types of devices.

3. Make sure to include a detailed description

Just as with any purchase, consumers want to know what they are buying. So be sure to include a full description, at least one photo that accurately represents the item, pricing information, and the availability of the item. In addition, for those procrastinators who wait until the last moment, you can create an extra sense of urgency by including information on shipping deadlines, letting them know when they must purchase the item in order for it to arrive in time for the holiday.

4. Highlight 3-5 items at a time

It’s not necessary to display every item that you offer in a single gift guide. Doing so could prove to be overwhelming for your customers, making it less likely that they will buy. In fact, it’s perfectly acceptable to create multiple gift guides during the holidays.

5. Offer a wish list

We all know the frustration of viewing an item that we think might be perfect, browsing away from the item and then not being able to find it again when we’ve made our decision. Offering a wish list is a great way to help shoppers save gift ideas while they continue browsing. And, if a customer provides contact information when signing up for your wish list, you have a way to remind them about the items they showed interest in. If they wait too long, you could choose to provide a coupon or offer free or discounted shipping to encourage a purchase.

Gift guides are a great way to promote your products to online shoppers during the holidays. We hope you find these tips helpful when creating your holiday gift guide.

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