5-Day Delivery: What It Means for Shippers

It sure seemed that for a couple of weeks time, all I was reading about was the post office going to a 5-day delivery schedule versus the current 6 day which includes Saturday. Basically eliminating Saturday delivery. This is currently being debated but what does this mean for shippers?

In short, for Express Mail  – nothing changes – you can still get all Express Mail type services on all the days you currently do. If the 5-day delivery schedule was implemented, the postal service would no longer have Saturday street delivery, they would no longer pick up from the blue boxes on Saturdays and they would no longer process outgoing mail on Saturday. Any mail accepted on Saturday would end up being processed on Monday.

What would not change? Post offices would still be open on Saturday, you could still pick up packages from the post office on Saturday and the USPS distribution network between plants and distribution centers would still operate. What is your opinion on this?

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