4 Holiday SEO Tips to Maximize Seasonal Business

If you run a company that does business online, the holidays are a great opportunity to maximize sales and bring in new customers. One of the best ways to take advantage of increased holiday business is via SEO. By optimizing your website and landing pages for search, you can attract people who are looking for products and services like your company provides, and convince them to become paying customers. Here are four holiday-specific SEO tips to help you maximize your seasonal business.  

Repurpose Old Content to Create Optimized Gift Guides

Do you have product descriptions or blog posts promoting the products you sell? Take that old content and cobble it together into a holiday gift guide for the season. Using old content saves you time and energy, then weaving in holiday-specific and gift-specific keywords can help you attract people who are searching for gifts for the occasion.

Create Holiday-Specific Landing Pages

Landing pages are web pages that promote specific products or services from your company with the sole purpose of convincing people to buy. Landing pages often don’t contain navigation bars, and they make it simple for people to convert: simply click a button or fill out a simple form. Create landing pages for items you want to sell for the holidays, then optimize those pages around a holiday or geo-specific keyword will help attract qualified leads, then encourage them to convert to paying customers.

Work on Link Building

Link building is an important part of boosting your SEO score. Work to get backlinks to your blog and website around the holidays. Ask influencers to promote your products as good holiday gifts, offer to write guest blogs about the season for relevant blogs, and see if there is another related or complementary business that wants to do a partnership (you link to their website and they link to yours). Building links around the holidays helps increase your visibility and paint you as a valuable, knowledgeable company worth doing business with.

Don’t Forget the Smaller Retail Holidays

In addition to creating content to target the larger holidays, don’t forget to target smaller retail holidays like Small Business Day, Green Monday, and Super Saturday. These search queries will have less competition than larger ones like “Black Friday Guide” or “Christmas Sale”. Though there isn’t as much traffic for these holiday-related keywords, the additional volume could give you an edge over competition that only focuses on the larger holidays.

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