3 Amazon SEO Tips for Greater Exposure

Think most consumers search for products on Google before they make a purchase? Think again. Research shows that 46.7 percent of all product searches originate from Amazon, while just 34.6 percent come from Google. Moreover, nearly half of all online transactions take place on Amazon, making it the most popular e-commerce site.

Selling your products on Amazon will generate a significant income, but only if you do it properly. A lot of your success will depend on the platform’s search engine algorithm. If your products appear at the top of search results pages for product keywords, expect more people to see your products and click “Buy.” Here are some Amazon SEO tips you need to know about in 2019.

1. Be Descriptive

The more descriptive you are, the more likely you are to rank high on Amazon. Fill out your product descriptions with as much information as you can. Amazon’s search bots will then crawl your product listings and place you higher on their results pages.

Consumers love to know the details about your products before they part with their cash. If you are selling shoes on the platform, for example, list the materials, colors, styles, and other information on your product pages. Consumers should never have to ask you for this information.

“Remember, customers don’t care about the product itself. They care about the problem they have or the reason behind the purchase,” says Visiture. “Make sure the content you use educates and informs them and clearly states the benefits as well as the solution provided by your product.”

2. Use the Right Keywords

Using the right keywords in your product descriptions is really important. Use the wrong keywords, and your product listings might not show up at the top of search results pages.

You can use a keyword tool to help you optimize your keywords. These programs provide you with valuable keywords and phrases in your niche. Alternatively, check out your competitors and find out which keywords they use when selling products.

Including keywords in your product title is a great idea for Amazon SEO. People rarely search for terms like “shoes” on Amazon, for example. They are more likely to search for “white shoes” or “basketball shoes.” Include descriptive words in your title.

3. Use Photos

People remember 65 percent of visual content for three days, compared to just 10 percent of written content. This means that it’s important to include as many high-quality photos in your product descriptions as you can.

Including photos of different angles of your product or different color variations of your item will increase engagement with consumers and boost sales. You don’t need to be a professional photographer, but showcasing your products in the best possible way will increase interest in your items.

“The quality of Amazon product photography should immediately highlight all visible product features to help [consumers] make a buying decision,” says AMZ INSIGHT. “In order to focus the product on the listing, you must use a white background for the main product photos.”

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