Investigate Your Shipping Mix in 2016: FedEx vs. UPS vs. USPS Shipping Rates Comparison Chart [Infographic]

Compare Shipping Rates: FedEx vs. UPS vs. USPS [Infographic]

For the new 2017 shipping carriers comparison chart click here.

Come January 17, all three major carriers (FedEx, UPS and USPS) will have raised their shipping rates. Every online retailer will be affected in some way, which is why there is no better time than the present to re-evaluate your shipping mix to ensure that you are using the most cost-effective solution for your business.

FedEx and UPS rate changes include an increase in fuel and residential surcharges. Plus, FedEx and UPS dimensional weight pricing is still in effect for all Ground shipments. Businesses should also expect changes to certain USPS pricing and services. For example, Commercial Plus Pricing (CPP) discounts are being eliminated or reduced to be brought within 3 percent of Commercial Base Pricing (CBP). USPS First-Class Package Service will now support weights up to 15.99 ounces for Commercial Base shippers.

Here at Endicia, we know the importance of affordable shipping, so to help you investigate the best mix, we developed the shipping rate comparison chart below, featuring a breakdown of FedEx, UPS and USPS costs. (Hint: in most cases, the USPS is still the best value for online businesses shipping lighter-weight packages.)

Now your business has all of the information it needs to play detective, compare shipping rates and discover the right solution for your business needs.

To learn more about the USPS price changes, check out our 2016 USPS price change blog post.

For a printable version of the infographic, click here.

If you are shipping to Canada, check out the international shipping carriers comparison chart here.

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  • CheapAssBoxes

    Thanks for the comparison graphics!

  • Alan

    Of course, it’s really unfair to compare the USPS against the others because USPS doesn’t guarantee anything at all. USPS two-day can take three or four or whatever.

  • flexnet

    USPS is subsidized by the US taxpayer, so of course it will always be cheaper…

    Fedex/UPS is profit driven only way it can survive is mainly shipping fees and not the US taxpayer.

    So subtract the USPS rate from the Fedex/UPS rate and that is what you the US taxpayer is paying to USPS whether you use them or not…

  • IMHO38

    UPS is not guaranteed either. Plenty of times my 3 day has not gotten here until day 4 or more.

  • IMHO38

    That actually isn’t true, but ok. If it makes you feel better. Also, USPS is the end line delivery of Fed Ex and UPS packages. That’s right. UPS and Fed EX rely on USPS to deliver a ton of their packages while they charge their customers those high prices. So, using your “theory” the taxpayers are actually paying for UPS’s high prices.

  • Carl Buehler

    As IMHO38 notes, USPS is in effect a part of the USPS and FedEx delivery system. Furthermore the USPS is our national public infrastructure for land based communications. This is a government subsidized public service just like highways and education. It is there for anyone to use and without it the average citizen would pay more for simple letters, magazines, and their occasional holiday packages. The USPS is the most reliable postal service in the world. I can say that because as an online shipper of jewelry items my experience is that the competitive pricing, delivery and performance of the USPS exceeds that of all the many counties I have shipped to for the past 20 years.
    Yes it needs to be subsidized, but that is always the nature of providing a national infrastructure. It is our tax dollar working for the benefit of ALL of our citizens, which is why we have a great nation.

  • flexnet

    Latest USPS Reported $5.5 Billion Loss in Fiscal 2014

    We will have to wait for what 2015 losses were. Anyhow…

    …exactly whom do you think is paying for that $5.5B loss back in 2014? I am not talking about the roads, the highway system, etc. Just plain operating losses of USPS itself. No doublespeak.

    $5.5 Billion Dollars in 2014 (latest figures direct from USPS itself, see link above).

    So what say you, ol’ obfuscator?

    Tell me what the operating losses were for Fedex? What were the operating losses for UPS?


    Case closed.

  • flexnet

    “shipper of jewelry items my experience is that the competitive pricing, delivery and performance of the USPS exceeds ”

    Please. EACH AND EVEY SINGLE TIME YOU SHIP SOMETHING VIA USPS, taxpayers have to subsidize you shipments.


    If you send your packages via Fedex or UPS then you bear 100% of the costs of the shipments plus profit for the carrier.

    “Competitive” pricing huh? The US Taxpayer is making it “competitive”, not USPS.

    You’re making money shipping your jewelry trinkets, why can’t you also pay exactly what it truly costs to mail that package!

  • flexnet

    Really the question should not be about this pseudo “competitiveness” of USPS but rather, why not pass the true cost of mailing packages sent via USPS, to the person shipping those packages?

    I can guess why! Because if back in 2014, that $5.5 Billion USPS shortfall was passed directly to the users of USPS, guess what? The new USPS prices would be a lot more than the now “expensive” rates of Fedex and UPS!

  • flexnet

    “That actually isn’t true, but ok. If it makes you feel better.”

    Actually an USPS loss back in 2014 of $5.5 Billion Dollars makes me feel worse, not better!

  • flexnet

    The USPS system was founded by Benjamin Franklin (first Postmaster) as part of the founding of America.

    USPS is now a bloated taxpayer subsidized, taxpayer reliant dinosaur monster that should be eliminated. Fedex and UPS can take over and not cost the US taxpayer a single penny! In fact, the Federal Government can collect TAXES (which they current do) on something that heretofore had to be SUBSIDIZED.

  • flexnet

    We’re on target to achieve the goal of the FedEx Express profit improvement plan we outlined in FY13 — to exit 2016 with a run rate of $1.6 billion in additional operating profit from the then FY13 base results.

    Well, well. Imagine that. Fedex making an “additional” profit of $1.6 Billion for 2015 (est.) Money practically falling from the tree of Fedex.

    I wonder how many BILLIONS of dollars USPS will LOSE this time around compared to what it loss back in 2014, a $5.5 Billion Dollar TAXPAYER LOSS?

  • Fed Up Texan

    UPS is ABSOLUTELY a guaranteed day definite service. If it doesn’t get there on time, you don’t pay. Check it out at

  • Ms. Taylor

    Hmmm….interesting. Money falling off of trees for FedEx. What are the “Give Back” Community Projects of FedEx? I “never” hear about how FedEx is involved in anything to make life easier for the “less fortunate.” If you’re going to make money off of them why not be more out there with i.e. building shelters, supplying water to Flint, repairing schools or better yet…some training skills centers for youth? Just saying.

  • Ms. Taylor

    Yet…out of those Billions made…we never hear how the fore-mentioned ever gives back to the communities. Well, actually UPS does but I’ve never heard of FedEx doing anything for the communities it makes it’s Billions on. Sent any water to Flint at your expense? Made any schools safer? Help establish any local grocery stores with healthy foods for low income communities? FedEx do what with their Billions each year??

  • William Wallace

    USPS can lose billions and still stay in business – the others can not.

  • Kilroy238

    Lol then how did my mother get a full refund not once but three times on overseas shipments to china when the USPS arrived a day late.

  • Alan

    That’s kind of the point. They don’t deliver when they say they will. It’s great that she got a refund, but if you read the terms, they don’t promise to deliver on time. Here’s what their web page says: “In most cases, the expected delivery date printed on your receipt or
    provided at checkout will reflect a delivery time of 1, 2, or 3 business
    days and is based on origin, destination, and drop-off time. The
    expected delivery date does not come with a money-back guarantee.”

  • MartyB

    USPS recieves no money from taxes and never has. All funding is from postage. The loss is due to the fact that congress has required them to fund pensions for 75 years and that money is going into the pension fund for people not yet born.

  • MartyB

    USPS receives no money from taxes and never has. All funding is from postage. The loss is due to the fact that congress has required them to fund pensions for 75 years and that money is going into the pension fund for people not yet born.

  • flexnet

    US Postal system is part of the Federal Government. The boss of USPS is called the Postmaster General. That is a cabinet level position in the president’s administration. Over 200 years and counting.

    USPS funding always is less than expenses.

    I posted links to the billions of dollars that is given to USPS by the Senate.

    Why do you refuse to go check these things out?

    Cure your ignorance.

  • flexnet

    I cut your lawn for $50. I do it every two weeks (when it needs it.)

    I get: $50
    You get: clean trimmed lawns.

    What more do you want me to do? Donate some of my $50 to the community? Why?

    So crazy.

  • flexnet

    Just stop it with your posting basically the exact same-o thing, over and over. I answered you already once. Not gonna play your game and answer same question 1 million times again and again.


  • flexnet

    Are you Ms. Taylor’s SON??????

    Cut out posting same-ness, you one-ness.

  • Eric

    How many billions of dollars does the USPS lose each year again? I forgot.

  • jason12321

    It is guaranteed, and in the rare case that they make a mistake, they actually do their best to correct it.

    With USPS, you get an unqualified idiot who doesn’t care because they can’t be fired working for a “company” that doesn’t care because they’ll get a bailout at the end of the year. USPS screws up constantly and won’t do anything to help.

  • jason12321

    I’m guessing she spent hours being transferred between people who had no idea what they were doing?

  • Alan

    The postmaster general is *not* a cabinet level position. It was many years ago. Not anymore.

  • Alan

    I believe so. If people using USPS had to cover the true costs, no one would use USPS and the people who depend on USPS would be out of luck. You can’t make FedEx deliver to people that it doesn’t want to deliver to.


    Great read, I’ve always been very interested in Dangerous Goods Segregation Table

  • amusing_myself

    I have shipped 33K packages via USPS. Only one was mis-delivered, and another handed over to “occupant” at the front door whom was not the occupant. They cheerfully refunded cost and shipping… Apparently, you do not ship Postal and have a high shipping overhead to your customers.

  • amusing_myself

    spending excessive money on government mandated building art, reconstruction, redesigning labels, billboards, unsold stamps, government contracts including those that have to go to special interest bidder even though they are dollars and dollars ahead of the other competitors, and then you have the pillows, stuffed animals, and hosts of other products that no one needs… Otherwise, the losses you speak of was years ago, and was an unplanned retirement pay vs a loss in investments

  • amusing_myself

    Perhaps you should take your own advice and arm yourself with at least one fact before writing. (there are more…)

    UPS uses the USPS so as to NOT have to hire the thousands of
    additional drivers and infrastructure needed to do ‘rez-eez” deliveries (residential). Now. Take this and work it dumping this work on the Postal System causes the need for more Postal Drivers, trucks, planes, overland haulers, storage, and sorting facilities which then have to be paid for by you and me… Readjust your thinking on a major reason as to how the Commercial Enterprises make such high profits.

    I have sold over to 33,000 customers via USPS over the last several years with ZERO complaints on delivery time. The only two errors (loss) were quickly refunded as the causes were due to human error. If you are not using the Post Office, then you are (1) losing profit, or (2) a hypocrite in your writings.

  • amusing_myself

    Flex – you are living with antiquated and propagandist data ..

    The US Post Office makes a PROFIT every year despite the congressional requirement to “pre fund” medical and retirement payments each year to the tune of 5.6 Billion.

    No commercial company would ever dream of doing that…yet the US Post Office tightens up its boot laces and still makes a profit despite the rise of online bill paying and congressional requirements.

    Stop listening to emotional driven news outlets and quit listening to the bartender.

    Start here.

  • amusing_myself

    They only defaulted on the Congressional mandated “pre” funding … any business would work the numbers to do the same thing..if they would be stupid enough to do such a thing.

    “The Postal Service is based in the Constitution. It’s critical for businesses and rural areas. It’s the country’s largest civilian employer of military veterans. It’s the centerpiece of a $1.3 trillion mailing industry that employs 7.5 million Americans in the private sector.”

    Case really closed.

  • Haroon Khouly


  • nothanks

    Are you joking? I ship about 500 packages a year with USPS and have at least 10 that get lost. Every year. Even 1 going missing is way too many. Their customer service is garbage too. They won’t pick up the phone or if you do file a claim online, they cancel it within a few days. I’m tired of paying for a service that hinders my business.

  • amusing_myself

    Without even addressing your claim of ten losses per year, just your confiding to us that an online claim is canceled within a few days brands you as a hopeless liar.

    Don’t waste my time responding.

  • nothanks

    I’ll humor you and reply since you clearly lick USPS’s ass. They have canceled most of my claims in a matter of days because they don’t want to bother doing any work. Same goes with calling for the few claims that have remained open – “we’ll keep an eye out for the package” is what I’m often told and that’s the extent of their customer service.

    Enjoy your shit postal service, I’m sticking with FedEx.

  • amusing_myself

    Claims cannot be cancelled, just denied. They can also be challenged multiple times… all the way up to the Postmaster Generals Office

    ….Maybe you should stop using a crayon to label your addresses.

  • Ms. Taylor

    Actually that is true. My packages which are shipped to me via Fedex or UPS are transferred to USPS and then they end up late or lost. And we’re not rural.

  • Ms. Taylor

    I speaking of a corporation not a small business. A corporation that sits in communities, uses a lot of resources and puts a lot of fumes and byproducts into the communities. Want the communities to support them but they can’t give back to the communities. You’re talking change and I’m talking billions. But again, that was not an answer.

  • Ms. Taylor

    Surely you can do better than that. The answers are at best convoluted so we repeat to make sure you understood. You are debating facts and giving us the “Fedex” cookie cutter answers. In stead of being defensive you should focus on what we are saying and either give a factual answer or not comment until you can. You’re acting like you own Fedex. The questions are legit. If Fedex has been actively involved in the communities it’s housed in then list the community projects. Otherwise, why are you trolling without the answer? Maybe they have done something but I haven’t heard of any yet. Have you? (another legit question)

  • Ms. Taylor

    Let me introduce you to one of the USPS’s black holes. Richmond, CA. Most residents know that if you mail a package from that location it can sit in the distribution center for a very long time. If you are waiting for a package it could sit in that same center for a week or longer while you wait to receive it. I have waited for packages to my company (9 minutes away from the center) that have been sitting in the Black Hole for days or longer. They will say out for delivery and I get it a week later even though there is always someone present to receive it. I have had packages marked delivered on the website that I never received. If they deliver to the wrong address USPS does nothing to rectify it.

  • Ms. Taylor

    Still waiting for an answer. Jeepers. You never answered and if what you typed is your answer then you should have not answered at all. I wasn’t looking for rhetoric but a straight answer to a “simple” question.

  • Ms. Taylor

    Are you Fedex President’s son?????? You jumped on here in defense of Fedex but use no real facts. You aren’t making them look any better. You should do better research before you attempt to discuss the pros and cons of the mailing/ shipping system. Even I know that USPS doesn’t receive taxpayer funding. Stop trolling. You can’t debate because now you’re just lying. You have been corrected with the truth more than once and have refused to research the facts so you’re wasting time giving answers. You are probably some lowly employee of Fedex. Since no one was attacking your job you really shouldn’t have answered with the misinformation that you did.

  • Ms. Taylor

    FedEx Corp. Reports Fourth Quarter Earnings:

    Fiscal 2015 Fiscal 2014
    Revenue $1.57 billion $1.55 billion
    Operating income $137 million $130 million
    Operating margin 8.7% 8.4%

    I had a simple question and if anyone knows the answer please inform me.
    What community projects, investments to better communities, humanity projects / programs have FedEx been involved with? I have seen USPS and UPS but I have never seen FedEx involved. This is not to say they don’t but have anyone seen any?

  • Matthew Micaiah

    They aren’t obligated to give anything back if they don’t want to. That’s called personal freedom of choice. It’s a business, not a charity. You are obviously a socialist whose thinking is businesses, which drive prosperity in this nation–prosperity that you thoroughly enjoy, I might add–must act like a charity and are obligated to give back. As for Flint, why don’t you ask the government-run utilities why there’s a problem with their water supply. How about the same for the corrupt democrat politicians who bankrupted and effectively destroyed Detroit? Come to realistic thinking instead of the Bernie Sanders “Everything should be free” pie in the sky motto.

  • Dr. Arthur Frederick Ide

    I have used the postal system for years. It still is the best bargain. If the GOP would stop trying to destroy it in the name of free enterprise, it would be unmatched for service, efficiency and value. UPS is not dependable, and I have canceled my account with them. FedEx is slightly better that UPS, but I will give the bulk of my goods to USPS.

  • Dr. Arthur Frederick Ide

    Excellent reply. I agree with years of shipping experience.

  • Dr. Arthur Frederick Ide

    Try Iowa, our post offices are run efficiently and the clerks are well trained. In 30 years I never had a package lost or late.

  • amusing_myself

    Ditto Doctor.

    Check this Fedex “Smart Post” tracking email I received …. Expected delivery 6/01/2016, Location FEDEX SMARTPOST MARTINSBURG, WV….. I ordered a 13oz, plastic License Plate bracket from a company in Chesapeake VA, a four hour drive from DC Metro and it is going to take more than a week to get here. I ordered on the 25th of May.

    My US Postal 1st Class shipments from here to the greater Norfolk area is always one, sometimes two days………

  • Dave Gran

    I use USPS Priority mail to send about 10,000 similar packages a year throughout the U.S. I don’t offer a guaranteed delivery date. I do have trouble from time to time with pick-ups. I also have trouble contacting my local post office on the phone. Most of the time it rings off the hook. However, I will not be switching away from USPS anytime soon… the pricing is worth it for me to deal with occasional issues. One new thing I learned recently (double check me on this). In January, USPS ClickNShip started charging retail prices. You can get the wholesale prices with a account. The difference for me with be $10K-$15K over the next year.

  • frank discussion

    The last time I went to USPS to self-ship, I had a box that weighed a tad over 3 lbs. To ship it about 10 miles would cost > $8! Also, there was no third class option, only first class. I may end up self-delivering for that price!

  • Can’t find one

    Why should a company be paying to a community? What if a company operated in a community and looses money? Should the community return the favor and give money to the company? You sound like the bureaucrats whining to Steve Jobs about wanting free wifi. Steve kept his patience while reminding them Apple already was paying billions in property, state and fed taxes.Never met a goverment employee yet that thanked a struggling buisness owner for all the property tax they pay.

  • Jlmv

    Hi Ms. Taylor,
    Please visit for a great overview of FedEx giving programs. This is in addition to things like volunteering their resources to deliver things like disaster relief.

  • Iluv2raceit

    Make note that IMHO38 hasn’t replied as they now know they got ‘pawned’ due to their lack of knowledge regarding UPS shipping policies…muuwaahahaha!

  • Rhonda DeLaney

    Shipping costs over 1 pound

  • Rhonda DeLaney

    There had been a lot of discussion here on the different ways to ship and who is best, I am looking strictly for cheapest. This is my problem… I have a small business and trying to ship one hoodie that weighs 2 pounds through usps to CA they tell me is $11.65 that is crazy. There has to be a cheaper way for one item, the problem is the bulkiness of a thick hoodie. It will not fit in the paper nor padded priority envelop they provide for flat rate so the only option to ship is priority “choose your own box”. Please help!!!

  • Fastpack

    Hi Rhonda, I have an idea. Can you tell me the smallest size box you can fit this 2lb hoodie into? The smallest is important….

  • Rhonda DeLaney

    Hi Fastpack, right now that is the problem because usps is telling me anything over 13oz has to ship priority and the only package it will fit in, not a flat rate box, is the tyvek priority mailer 11.6 x 15 (I think) for a 2XL hoodie.

  • IMHO38

    Just saw this…. and my my I do apologize for not living on the internet. I would also think that it would be the shipper that would be reimbursed for the delivery delay and not myself. Still haven’t checked into the validity of his assertions, but I will Wednesday (when I get back to work) from the USPS driver while he drops off two gigantic shipments on our back dock (Post Office) for us to deliver (his daily routine). I do sell a Direct Sale Product and there are PLENTY of times the shipment is late and when I track it it gives “updated” information with the new date of delivery or delivery exception date. Sometimes “weather” or other reason. Thing is, I never really care so I don’t fuss.

  • Rhonda DeLaney

    Any idea yet? I am completely out of ideas on how to save on the shipping, it is crazy to spend $11 + on one item that cost $24.00…. most of my items are clothing and just trying to figure out the cheapest way to ship. Any help would be appreciated.

  • chgodon

    USPS may be cheaper but the worse in delivery. I just sent a box from Illinois to Nevada. Had the box stamped fragile all over. Received the box with a 6 inch hole on bottom corner. Half of its bubble wrapped contents were broke. You would think somebody would have taped the hole closed. The condition of this box proved it was just dropped and thrown anywhere. USPS is useless in my opinion. Majority of USPS workers are worse than DMV workers. If you dont like your job, quit and let somebody else do it. It only took this one time for me. I’ll pay extra for UPS better customer service.

  • Fastpack

    If you can ship this item in a box/package 15″x11.5″x2″ or smaller, I found that you can ship it to zone 8 for around $7.22 priority mail via Priority cubic. Ask Endicia how to get cubic rate, or email me.

  • Rhonda DeLaney

    I would love to learn more about the cubic rate… USPS doesn’t offer this on there site when I go to print a shipping label. Please tell me more or how to find out about cubic rate. Thanks

  • Fastpack
  • Endicia

    Hi Rhonda, Please contact so we can provide you with more information about USPS cubic pricing. You might also want to check out this helpful post about cubic pricing: Hope this helps!

  • Louie75

    This is laughable to say the least…The USPS lost 5.1 billion in 2015, and you are comparing them vs the 2 powerhouses that make billions each year. That’s right BILLIONS!!! This isn’t even a comparison in my opinion. The only thing USPS does for our industry is keep the real companies honest within the pricing structure. I’m sure there are a lot of great people that work for the USPS, in fact I know there are. But, to bleed billions each year and to say your a viable option is insulting to everyone in our line of work. We know why they still exist…The Government and the United States taxpayers that subsidize this sinking ship and with no option to vote them out!!! The government and the USPS should be embarrassed to call themselves a real company. Lastly, if anyone has ever tried calling the post office…Yeah, enough said! Happy shipping

  • Mekronid

    Yeah, but if they destroy your package, which they do often, you don’t get paid. Aside from packages I myself had destroyed (not reimbursed. ever.), I know a guy who works at UPS. He tells me they managed to break a solid steel rod approx 2 inches thick. I thought it was a funny story – but I don’t ship with them anymore.

  • Mekronid

    I never had a problem with USPS over several hundred packages. I shipped 7 packages with UPS and two were destroyed. I was not reimbursed despite purchasing the insurance. I did obtain a chargeback from my credit card company, who agreed they did not follow through.

    My buddy who works there said it’s pretty common at some locations. He joked that they somehow managed to destroy a 2″ solid steel rod. Hilarious story, not exactly confidence inspiring.

  • Mekronid

    On the internet, everyone has their own idea of what constitutes “truth” and “validity.” It’s infuriating. Don’t stay too long. :p

  • Bo

    This research is USELESS without actual delivery times posted against rates charged. Consider being asked to pay in exact dollars & cents for an ice cream cone and they give you whatever size they want!

  • If only

    I do agree with some of what u said but I don’t think this information has anything to do with who pays to run the postal service or it’s unfair to make cost comparisons against two companies that are ‘for profit’ vs another that acts like a non-profit. It’s not even really about which package will get there quicker than the other- it’s about how much it costs to send the same package via the three companies, compared. Everything in life is how ‘one size fits all’ most times is not reality. The point is, each co. serves a different need. if u need your ‘stuff’ guaranteed to get there on time, u don’t use USPS. If once in awhile one of your pkg.takes a side trip but it doesn’t matter that much because yearly you’re saving thousands of $, u use USPS.
    Oh, just to remind Louie & others that the ‘no option to vote them out’ matters- maybe u could explain how these same idiots who make the laws, that create a Usps or Fannie May & Mac, get re-elected 95% of the time, even with a Congressional rating in the single digits. it’s a waste of time to ever consider that being able to ‘vote them out’ would change anything.

  • Dan Fundarz


  • Dan Fundarz

    They are the worst service I ever seen, nothing like standing in line 20 minutes when only 2 people are in front of you. Nothing like stealing tax payer money just for the sake of keeping a failure open.

  • tridimentional

    I agree with you. It is the worse in delivery and customer service. My packages have been misplaced, and have disappeared from NYC to Houston. In Houston, they don’t want to work and are very irresponsible. They left packages unattended because they don’t care and don’t want to do their job. It is very sad.

  • GamerFan

    Then just get FedEx 2-day shipping. I’ve never had any issues with them, and they seem to be the most reliable of the 3 carriers.

  • GamerFan

    FedEx destroys the postal service in terms of reliability. It’s not even close in this regard. I also find the tracking to be more accurate and more reliable than the USPS tracking. USPS often takes at least half a day to update their tracking, whereas with FedEx it’s almost instantaneous. Also, USPS doesn’t guarantee a delivery date on any of their shipments, since they give a time frame of 1-3 days. And even if this delivery time frame isn’t met, there is no money back guarantee. FedEx has guaranteed delivery dates on their shipments, and the packages always arrive in good condition. Additionally, if the package destination is too far away, the USPS doesn’t offer next day shipping. FedEx offers next day shipping to anywhere in the country, regardless of distance.

  • JNWesner

    Interesting opinion, but unless you can confirm it, how do I know you’re not paid by one of the others to slander the one service we all own?

  • Logic and Reason

    Not always, regardless of what you may believe. UPS has most certainly missed my delivery windows. However nothing compares to the insanity of FedEx when attempting to ship using your own packing materials.

  • Logic and Reason

    Total B.S.

  • JMC2u2

    The post office does guarantee and has insurance

  • rui chen

    Usps does not take tax payers money, it rely solely on stamp & shipping revenue. It’s required to delivery to every address, every day in the whole country, no matter how unprofitable. Since 2005 a law requires the postal service to prefund employee pension 75 years into the future, and that alone costs 5 billion a year. No other private company or gov agency has to do that.

  • Gloria Ames

    Then I will respond for him. My friend just moved and had 5 packages stolen in one day from USPS. The postal worker then quit and went back to Brazil. The manager told my friend to call Amazon and they would replace everything, but the postal c
    laim was never followed through. I have also made claims and all I ever get is a survey asking me if I was happy with the non existent claim handling. Don’t call people liars for telling the truth.

  • Jason

    Do you realize how stupid and made-up this sounds?

  • amusing_myself

    You are citing an extreme example with the Brazilian… I would tend believe you about “made” claims…if you told me that the Post Office instructed you to have the sender process the claim … or if you actually filled out the proper paper work to file a claim if you were the sender…. The ONLY way to have a “non-existent” claim is to not fill one out and hand it to the Postal Clerk or done online….

  • Gloria Ames

    You obviously don’t live in Florida. I have filed claims online and they are ignored. I complained about my mail person online to her superior and she came to my door and started crying about it. I have nothing good to say about the USPS in Florida. If you want to call me stupid, it’s your bad karma.

  • amusing_myself

    Okay. IF your friend truly had five packages stolen in one day and has never received recompense for the items, your friend has not pushed the issue with Amazon or the Post Office….. Receiving only a survey after “I have also made claims” (plural) reveals several scenarios, but would mostly center on you were not the sender or you did not file a claim.

    As to the Brazilian …….. I guess someone would do that. However I cannot fathom why would someone steal packages and risk losing permanent alien status as the only way you can work for the US Postal Service is to be a US Citizen, (or US territorial … i.e. American Samaoa) or be a Legal Permanent Resident Alien with a green card. If the worker is a male, they he must also be registered in the Selective Service….

    Going back to Brazil and lose a government pension and great benefits does not bolster your …. story……

  • amusing_myself

    Fun thing about Karma… I have shipped 3,348 packages this year and just had my first squished package and damaged product. However, my cost for the product was only 1.50 and I sold it for 11.50 + shipping… No need to file a claim as the customer paid 4.50 for shipping and it cost me 2.60….. not 11.65 from UPS…. I still made money on the order just shipping replacement…. OH … did I mention that the other 3,347 packages all reached their destinations, including the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, Australia, Brazil, Russia, Serbia, Israel, Greece, Canada, China, Taiwan, and many other countries without damage? I will though, admit that the one to China sat in Chicago for almost a week and took forever to get to the recipient once it hit China…. at least she understood the slowness of the Chinese Postal System and agreed to wait….

  • amusing_myself

    Perhaps you should purchase something from any store that comes in a cardboard box along with some boxing tape, affix the priority label and ship the item… even easier …. visit the customer service people at your local grocery store and get a free box from them….

  • Gloria Ames

    I believe he made a serious haul that day, because he stole everything that was in his truck. I just lost another package last week. The PO said it arrived at their location at 11 am. The tracking stated it was delivered to me at 430 pm the same day. I confronted the supervisor and she admitted that it would not have been delivered the same day, so it was stolen. The USPS can no longer be trusted. Maybe you know who I can report this to who will listen.

  • Gloria Ames

    I believe them. The PO is full of thieves and there is no accountability. If you file a complaint you never get a response.

  • arise new rational majority

    In reviewing these statements, the pension circumstance came to mind. Thank you for providing the facts around that. Kudos to USPS and their supporters in congress…. even with supply-siders trying to destroy it with the pension-funding ploy, USPS continues to provide mail service to to every rural corner of the country. They’ll take all of these nay-sayers crappy letter and deliver it to the far reaches of civilization for a measly stamp. In three days.

  • disqus_3BrONUAJno

    Why do you think that major shippers like Amazon give two week delivery commitments?

  • THEDOM2008

    I’ve shipped thousands of packages and USPS has never lost a single package.

  • Stefan Banev

    >mentioned ever gives back to the communities.

    What a commie nonsense… they pay taxes until they consider that this particular market is wort to do business… “to give back to the community” is a BS what has been proven multiple times to be an economical disaster … yet still there are plenty people with such idealistic delusions…

  • JeromeBiggins

    I had two packages shipping within my own city using Fed Ex and both times the packages were delivered to the wrong address and ultimately could never be traced. It was terrible. Service aside, USPS is way cheaper and they serve to keep the competitive cost pressure on the competitors.

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